Raymond James initiates Apple coverage: ‘Strong Buy’ with $800 price target

Raymond James has initiated coverage of Apple Inc. (AAPL) with a “Strong Buy” recommendation and has set a price target of $800.


  1. Agree , the recent big drop is the result of clearing call option holders to make the Apple rocket A clear sky to launch . It is really sad that options are that cunning and very unfair .

    1. How are they cunning? How are they unfair? You place your money in play either in options or simply by buying the stock. Or better, both. It’s nothing new. It’s simply part of investing. Anyone who invests understands these simple investing methods. Or should. The stock market is not for the uninformed. If you mean there’s strategy involved in investing, well yes of course. Not much thinking needed to buy the stock. Options on the other hand do require planning not just throwing money at a stock. But there’s nothing unfair about options. Quite the opposite, they require knowledge not needed in simple stock picking. Too bad you’re not more knowledgeable, it’s a great way to invest.

      1. In the ideal world the stock market is fair for everyone. But there is no equality of information, trading access, etc. If you have the power to manipulate the market, then options can greatly magnify your advantage and/or lock in gains and protect from losses at a fairly modest cost. But options are no more “unfair” to the individual investor than the rest of the market.

        I don’t expect the market to be fair. That’s why I am seldom disappointed.

        1. Can’t say I disagree completely but sometimes you just have to do the best you can. Shares of AAPL have been more than I want to pay since $275.00. I have used options with very good results. Many times more profitable for me than buying shares. I have much less invested therefore I have much less to lose. Works for me. And there are other stocks out there. Some cheaper and just as profitable. Just not as popular. Remember, it’s all about percentage. What percentage profit or loss do you have in each investment? Nothing else matters. If you can make money in a company that makes trash cans then invest. Your account doesn’t care if it’s AAPL or something else, your account simply want’s to get bigger.

      2. I will never buy options again as they intentionally control the market to kill options-calls without a practical reason that makes Apple drop. The main reason of AAPL drop is too much calls buyers !!!!
        I insult the option company for this intentional killing.

  2. What a curious coincidence that, every time Apple stock plunges, a new analyst will appear from nowhere to announce an out-of-this-world price target. Proof that there is no collusion between corporations and the investment industry. Couldn’t happen!

  3. Raymond James initiates Apple coverage

    Wow! They’re going to start covering the world’s largest public company!

    Remind me never to invest with these laggards.

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