Apple shares lose shine

“The meteoric stock-price rise that has propelled Apple Inc. to become the world’s most-valuable company is showing signs of faltering, threatening to drag much of the market down with it,” Steven Russolillo and Jonathan Cheng report for The Wall Street Journal.

“Apple’s shares plunged 4.1% on Monday, extending their slide to a fifth consecutive day and sparking worries about whether the maker of iPads and iPhones may be headed for a bigger descent. Apple is now down 9.9% from its intraday peak of $644 hit on April 10, just shy of the 10% level that market watchers call a ‘correction,'” Russolillo and Cheng report. “On Monday, Apple fell $25.10, to $580.13, in 4 p.m. Nasdaq Stock Market composite trading.”

Russolillo and Cheng report, “The past five days’ decline has seen more than $50 billion shaved off Apple’s market capitalization. That is more than Hewlett-Packard Co.’s entire market cap of about $48 billion.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Other market watchers call it other things: Manipulation, fomenting, Apple on sale…


    1. … a single product. The ground could shift from under it. An earthquake, a tsunami, a patent suit. Any of these, and more, could bring the brilliant iPad to its knees. Someone could even devise a better product! (who?)
      Bet on FUNDAMENTALS. Apple has at least four individual products – Macs, iOS devices, iPods, software – that are topping their niches. Maybe not THE best – Mac is “only” #3 at the moment – but among the best. So … look at what else they have.
      A huge bag ‘o money (more overseas)
      No debt
      Great trailing P/E
      Even better LEADING P/E
      Protected IP
      Over a decade of continuous growth
      Uninformed cynics as nay-sayers (BIG bonus)
      I’m sure there’s more, maybe I could think of it if I didn’t have a cold. Fact is, AAPL has lots of room to grow within the Market – all it really needs is for the Market to remain stable. Should the Market collapse, no one is safe.
      Except, Apple will still have its bags ‘o money (more overseas)

  1. Is Apple or MDN taking the biggest beating these days. First, the long held view of MDN that only idiots click on things that invade their Macs has now come to and end and MDN will have to quit calling us “idiots”. Second, MDN’s belief that AAPL can’t be stopped must be a huge embarrassment about now. Beleaguered MDN, anyone?

    1. Oh, pete.. pete.. pete..

      The problem with your idiotic statement is that you’re not famous enough for us to embarrass you in a few years when the full weight of the stupidity of your statement is too obvious to ignore.

      You’re just a small time, anonymous, boring, and common internet troll. Much like the lint underneath the refrigerator, and just about as interesting. Seriously I could write a few lines of code and create a troll text generator, and it would say just about the same thing your post did.

      The good news is I do not have to bother, because there are plenty of people like you with nothing better to do than to troll Mac sites and tell us what we already know, that Apple Stock is a bit lower than it should be due to manipulation, there are criminals out there who try to exploit weaknesses in computer system security over the internet.

      1. Calm down. Take a deep breath. You’ll be ok. It’s actually not YOUR site. It belongs to anyone who drops by to read and comment. Pete makes accurate observations. I don’t know that he’s a troll. Do you? Just because he makes statement that you don’t like doesn’t mean he’s a troll. I make honest statements and I’m no troll. I love my Apple stuff. Have for decades. I’m invested heavily in AAPL so I support Apple with more than comments. Quit worrying that you
        have to defend AAPL from the bad guys. It’s not your job. It’s not
        your job to make rude comments about those who make honest
        comments either. Chill. Different strokes etc.. Remember, it’s not YOUR site. If you’re losing money in AAPL I understand your angst. It will pop up again soon. If you’re upset because the hacker world is starting to concentrate on Mac’s, well there’s not much you can do about that. It comes with kicking MSFT’s ass and drawing all the attention. If you were old enough I’d tell you to have a cocktail and relax. Have another glass of kool-aid and take a time out.

        1. I don’t agree with Pete, matter of fact I think he is quite off target in his silly attack on MDN (I’ll touch on his concerns briefly below, so as to not come across as trolling myself). I also do not know if he’s trolling, though from his comment it appears he has that potential. You, GM, OTOH, I have seen plenty of your posts, and to my mind, you’re a certifiable troll.

          Anyway, here’s my response to Pete’s concerns: stock market is down today, will be up another day; MDN and many of us have been riding this reality for too long to offer up any silly defense. MDN has also submitted its take on the matter (strong hints of stock manipulation); and it’s their opinion (and many of ours), you don’t have to buy into it, but more than likely, in a few weeks time, MDN will have the last laugh. They have a long track record of that against idiots.

          Also, MDN isn’t proven wrong that Mac OS X is a more secure OS in the premise that Java vulnerability is a 3rd party issue. It shold no longer a concern for the latest OS X users where Lion doesn’t ship with Java pre-installed. If a user installs it, it’s her duty to keep it updated and secure; no one can safeguard against a careless reckless user.

          Bring logic, not fallacies (straw men fallacies are a hit with the trolls) nor biased unfounded opinions, and you too can move past your trolling days.

    2. “First, the long held view of MDN that only idiots click on things that invade their Macs has now come to and end”

      Except it hasn’t. MDN’s long held view that only idiots click on things that invade their Macs only applies to trojans, which this latest malware isn’t. It’s a Java exploit, because Java is just that awesome.

      “Second, MDN’s belief that AAPL can’t be stopped must be a huge embarrassment about now”

      Sorry, but it’s true that AAPL can’t be stopped. It periodically suffers crashes here and there, but afterwards it always rebounds to a new high. That’s the AAPL cycle. That’s how it’s worked for years. Can it be held back temporarily? It sure can. Stopped? No.

      The score so far: MDN, 2. Pete Peterson, 0.

  2. Beating, my ass, Bln.

    Beginning of year: 405. Today: 580, an increase of 43.2%. Sure, it’s not the 59% it was a week or so ago, but NONE of my other investments have returned anything like 40% in four months. My portfolio’s AAPL goal for this entire year (set January 4, 2012 with my broker) was 485, a 20% return for the twelve months. ‘Way over that right now . . . and will continue to be unless the entire world economy melts down with a war in the Middle East or some such thing.

    What do you suppose Mr. Ballmer’s return on investment is thus far in the 2012 calendar year? Wanna guess? 18.6%, nothing to sneeze at–IF one bought at year’s start. But with a year’s high of 32.95, MSFT is still a point+ behind its twelve month zenith, and a very poor investment for a long-termer.

    Just sayin’ . . . . AAPL’s still doing very well by this investor.

  3. don’t worry about the short term stock price its just some apple insider super genius is purposely driving down the stock to buy back shares at a lower cost (now that AAPL has announced their buyback program) because they have top secret knowledge of an up comming release the next must have iDevice which they know eventually even the haters will have to admit the higher stock prices and trillion dollar market cap is economically justified 😉

    1. And just TRY to explain to an iHater that last week’s “Flashback Virus” was neither a VIRUS nor a software attack through the Mac OS. (Adobe strikes again!) The anti-Apple morons either don’t know the difference between a virus and a trojan–or are just incapable of understanding logic and factual information. Truly . . . There are none so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE.

  4. And what has changed to make Apple lose it’s “Shine”.
    Has Apple stopped selling product? No.
    Has Apple lost money? No.
    Has Apple changed in anyway? No.
    So why is Apple’s “shine” suddenly gone?
    Short sellers making money, and that’s all it is.
    Apple’s products are still selling at record levels and I bet you that Apple will have another record quarter.
    This sell off is just plain BULLSHIT!!! Plain and simple. Manipulation end of story. The only thing this does is hurt the regular people who invest for a rainy day. Apple is on top of it’s game, this kind of drop is just plain STUPID!

  5. Is the price finally effected my the low growth in Mac sales? A fairly neglected desktop product line and a deficiency in the integration with Windows servers since Lion?

  6. Could also be the previous post of how iPhone sales have supposedly slowed. Saturation in one country may be a reason, but what about the emerging countries? No mention of that. All in all, my portfolio is still way up for the year, and I believe that after earnings there will be another rise.

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