Apple’s new 4G LTE iPad: AT&T Mobility vs. Verizon Wireless

“Apple’s newest iPad sports very fast 4G LTE data service, available on either AT&T or Verizon Wireless in the US.,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“Similar to our iPhone 4S testing across the data networks of AT&T, Sprint and Verizon this winter, we performed a new series of tests on both the AT&T and Verizon models of the new iPad,” Dilger reports. “We didn’t test the strength of radio connectivity between iPad and cellular towers, which is reflected in the “bars” of service reported by the device. Instead, we measured actual data throughput, providing a better indication of how well it will actually work on each carrier when you look up maps, browse the web or download or upload email.”

Much more in the full article here.


    1. I don’t yet have LTE here, AT&T, but we just 2+ weeks ago got Verizon LTE…
      I wish I could go back in time and chose the Verizon iPad this time around. (even though i HATE Verizon..)

      one guy I know of with a LTE Verizon crapdroid phone said he gets between 30-40Mbps also. (I really hate him right now)
      Anymore it’s going to boil down to coverage where you are. This summer I will be visiting two cities with AT&T LTE networks.. I’m not going to want to leave lol.

  1. No AT&T LTE in my area (SE Michigan) and apparently no plans to activate it anytime soon. I bought the Verizon LTE iPad, and while I am in Metro Detroit it is blazing fast. Back here in the “sticks” the 3G is ploddingly slow. Luckily I rarely have any need to use it “in the wild” while in 3G, but plenty of opportunity and need to use it “in the wild” while in LTE zones. Very happy with my decision to go with the Verizon version. I just wish as the article pointed out, that Verizon would loosen up on the data limits.

  2. The real problem isn’t LTE/4G speeds, it’s how fast data gets gobbled up at those higher speeds. These stingy data plans will make all this fast data speed pointless if you’re out of data by the 5th of every month.

  3. I have AT&T and my children have Verizon. My AT&T smoke’s them in every test we perform for data on iPhones and iPads.. As for making phone calls, that a different story. They don’t drop calls and have better coverage.

    My two cents.

  4. You shouldn’t be using more data just because it’s faster, unless your habits change. Are you people really out of the house that much? Use wifi when it’s available. You’ll be amazed at how little data you actually use.

    BTW, I have AT&T LTE in San Diego and it is blazing fast.

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