If an iPhone wannabe lands on Easter, does it make a splash?

“On Monday morning, the day after the U.S. launch of the Lumia 900 — the device with which Nokia and Microsoft hope to challenge Apple’s and Google Android’s growing dominance of the global smartphone market — I searched the Internet for photographs or videos of customers lining up to buy it,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“I needn’t have bothered,” P.E.D. reports. “The New York Times’ Nick Binton spent much of the big day — April 8, 2012 — calling every AT&T store within five miles of New York City to see how sales were going. Nineteen didn’t answer the phone, 18 played a tape saying they were closed for Easter Sunday, 2 AT&T resellers were open but said they didn’t have the Lumia 900 yet.”

P.E.D. asks incredulously, “Wait. Easter Sunday?”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, it makes a splash alright.


  1. This part from the original article is also rather hilarious, as it shows just how badly Nokia have allowed themselves to be used by Microsoft’s idea of “marketing”:

    Besides, Nokia had already proven they could draw a crowd. For the phone’s official launch party two days earlier, Times Square was busting — as numerous YouTube videos will attest — with excited fans.

    Only trouble is, they were all there to see the performance of a hot young hip hop artist — Nicki Minaj — not to buy a Lumia 900.

    So, Nokia and Microsoft are using the exact same pathetic tricks that Microsoft uses for its store openings?? What does that say about their faith in the product on its own merits?

    1. It says that Nokia and Microsoft believe that propaganda works. And it does… on people without any skills for critical thinking or independent thought, a group that includes many, many Americans. You know who you are.

  2. MDN’s Take – Beautiful!

    The Lumia’s launch strategy reminds me of a review I read for the movie, “Hope Floats”.
    Reviewer: “Hope isn’t the only thing that floats.”

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