Foxconn employee says Apple placing orders for next iPhone to debut in October

“The head of human resources at one Foxconn factory claims that Apple has recently placed an order for its sixth-generation iPhone, and that the device is on schedule to launch in October of 2012,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“The official from Foxconn’s Taiyuan factory allegedly gave the info and date to South Korea’s Maeil Business Newspaper,” Oliver reports. “The original article was translated on Monday by Kotaku.”

Oliver reports, “The paper spoke with the head of human resources because Foxconn’s Taiyuan factory has posted many hiring notices of late. The employee confirmed that the factory has been hiring a large number of employees lately as it gears up to assemble Apple’s next iPhone.”

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  1. I think it is pretty much a forgone conclusion that Apple has shifted its new iPhone releases in time for the Holiday season. Still, Jobs wouldn’t have been happy about the blabber from Foxconn.

    1. I could come up with such blabber everyday and this blabber of mine would be no less reliable than this one from Korean media. So do not worry; it is just made up “news”.

  2. Hohum. What I’m more interested to find out is the amount of AAPL’s investment in Foxconn. This is an area that investors should consider – because Apple’s advantage here over competition is near-absolute. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. are total amateurs when compared to the world’s most valuable company.

  3. Nonsense; manufacturing transition is usually completely opaque for whatever human resources people. Not even much more major people have information about such orders being placed.

    And since iPhone 6 (or iPhone 4G, or the new iPhone) most probably will keep iPhone 4/4S outer design, this “information” is purely cheap tabloidish clickbaiter for that Korean news outlet.

    1. I don’t know when it’s coming out, but October sounds as good as any other date. What I do think is that the form factor will change, and radically for two reasons. One, they already had two models with the same industrial design. They have never used the same exact design for more than two models, and secondly, it will be LTE, so this will entitle it to have a bigger battery, so the housing it self would make it bigger. Why not make the screen bigger? You are under the assumption that the components will be the same size. I very much doubt that. Even the new iPad got thicker, because of this.

  4. Yeah, I’m sure mid-level Foxconn managers are privy to all of Apple’s production schedules based on the number of employee hires. Didn’t Foxconn supposedly try to hire about 18,000 workers to start work on iPhone assembly? Figuring on training time and such it must be easy to project the iPhone launch date within a month’s time since it’s all been done before (sarcasm). Are they sure it’s going to be called the iPhone 5 or is it just the “new” iPhone?

    I still have to wonder why it’s so important to constantly feed advance rumors about iPhone production. I’m sure that most consumers are not interested and I fail to see the purpose of doing this because it’s mainly pure speculation.

    1. Mid-level HR managers at that!

      I don’t know about you, but my experience is that HR folks are almost useless. Maybe if you are having a benefits issue are they worth anything.

  5. Well, now you know why Tim Cook was in China. He had to get approval from the HR head to move forward on the next iteration of the newer then new iPhone. What would Captain Cook do without such sage wisdom?

    What a load of it.

  6. We know perfectly well that this ChinaTard is under an Apple Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). And yet they blurt out secret information like an oblivious old gossip:
    The head of human resources at one Foxconn factory claims that Apple has recently placed an order for its sixth-generation iPhone…

    Brilliant. Apple must be very pleased.

    Dear Apple: See what I mean about China: Criminal Nation? Are your ready to leave that hellhole yet?

    1. How about a side of fries with that racism there buddy. China is a big country with diverse cultures and languages. I love the way you bundle them all together as criminals.

      1. Yes, I do bundle the “nation” all together as one nation. That is an abstract level of consideration, quite deliberately. I also consider my observation to be insightful if not obvious. My comment says nothing deeper than that abstract level of observation. I will continue to make that observation as long as I (personally of course) consider it to be true. Hopefully I don’t have to recount to you the extremely long list of crimes of which the Chinese nation has been guilty since 1998, when the US granted them ‘Most Favored Nation’ status. But I can if you really can’t do your own homework on the subject.

  7. I don’t know about iPhone production schedule. However, I am pretty sure that FOXCONN will have one new “Head of Human Resource” position opening up very soon… 🙂

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