Apple board member Al Gore faces conflict of interest charges over Apple’s hydrogen power plans

“A conservative think tank is making fresh conflict of interest allegations against consumer electronics giant Apple and its most famous board member, former vice president and green energy advocate Al Gore,” Gene J. Koprowski reports for

“Apple plans to fuel a new data center in suburban Charlotte, N.C., partly by two dozen hydrogen power units from Bloom — a revolutionary power company,” Koprowski reports. “But the National Center for Public Policy Research thinks the real winner may be not the planet, but the former vice president. ‘Fuel cells are among the world’s most expensive forms of generating electricity,’ said Tom Borelli, Ph.D., director of the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project. ‘Apple buying technology from Bloom Energy, where Gore has a financial stake, is a clear conflict of interest.'”

Koprowski reports, “Ralph Ward, publisher of the Boardroom Insider newsletter and an expert on corporate governance, agreed that Gore may face a conflict of interest if he failed to disclose that link…. He told ‘The key would be what Apple says Al Gore disclosed to the board of directors. Without knowing that, it’s kind of tricky.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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    1. … was Gore in any way involved in the decision? As a board member, you’d think he would have been, should have been, but the board meeting notes might point out that he recused himself (as SCJ Thomas should have – often) based on the possible conflict.

      1. “(as SCJ Thomas should have – often)”. You mean like SCJ Elena Kagan did in the recent proceedings on Obamacare since she supported it as Obama’s Solicitor General? Oh wait, yeah she didn’t.…

        1. There’s a huge difference between supporting something because it’s your job, and supporting something because of your personal bias. The conflict ends with the former when it ceases to be your job.

          1. No it doesn’t. Kagan and Gore are LIberal-Dictator-Scum!!!!!!

            They are haters and anti-American like all liberals. We Apple shareholders have been taken for a ride on this one!!!!!

          2. I think your first sentence can be applied to Gore and this story. Gore’s bias on “energy” and the hedge corporations he created to push his ‘dope’ on the unsuspecting masses, versus looking out for Apple’s best interest because he is on the BoD.

            And we all know Gore is a do as I say not as I do kind of guy. Has his TN home reduced its mammoth electric bill from all the energy it requires? How has Gores Green Plans gone there?

          1. The liberalTards used Halliburton too you fool. There’s nothing evil about Halliburton. There are few companies that can do all of the great services they provide you business hating Zombie!

  1. This type of stuff strikes me as fairly common. Every company I’ve worked for utilizes connections from board members to get deals done and drive initiatives.

    Don’t get me wrong, I personally have huge issues with Gore being on the board. He has little integrity and brings too much negative attention to Apple’s board.

    1. I think you’re full of shit. I think there is no conflict here. I think conservative think tanks have their own conflicts of interest. I think that since Dick Cheney did business with Haliburton, the whole point is mute. PS- You’re still uninformed.

    2. Hit the Nail on the Head Macinfo!!!!!!

      Gore is pure scum, and so are T-Drone, mtherfcker, and Schmoe! Go to hell all of you Freedom Hating, Scum Sucking, Libtards!!!!!!!

      1. Republicans push the patriot act, completely wiping freedom and you point at liberals? You Democrats and Republics are the source of the same problem, GREED! Extortion of others for your own gain!

    1. Its debatable whether this green energy will actually save Apple anything in the long run, the costs of operating this technology and maintenance may eliminate any return on investment. While it looks “green”, its a highly debatable issue as to whether this is going to accomplish anything in that regard.

      1. I have a very difficult time believing Apple didn’t do its homework on this decision – like any other major decision.

        Is there any factual reason to suspect they suddenly lost all control and spent tons of money on shiny new tech without a good expectation of positive returns or any idea what they were doing? No.

        Anything is “debatable” if that means people who don’t have inside information can second guess it. Whether bringing Steve Jobs back to Apple was a good thing was debatable. Whether Apple’s logo is better with a bite out of it is debatable.

        I have very strong opinions about the Apple bite, but I will spare you all by keeping my uninformed opinions to myself … 🙂

        1. That divot in the Apple used to be described as “where the apple hit Sir Isaac Newton’s head,” but somehow over the years has transmogrified into a bite, as (I suppose) a reference to Adam and Eve. Which isn’t really all that positive a message, IMO.

          1. Interesting. Newton must have had quite a solid cranium.

            I believe (anyone correct me if I am wrong) that Mormon’s believe the original sin apple is a euphemism for Adam and Eve’s first intimate relations. If that interpretation is gaining ground then the Apple bite represents sex. Those marketing people and their one track minds!

  2. So FoxNews has already convicted Gore for a conflict of interest, without actually knowing if he disclosed to the Apple board or not. This claim is made with the expectation that Apple has no idea what Al Gore (he’s such a low-profile person, you know) is connected to in his financial dealings. It’s hard for me to believe that Apple is that dumb.

      1. There are many credible journalists. None of them work at Fox News which is not journalism. Fox News is entertainment (they said it, I didn’t). Whenever journalistic integrity is called into view they say, “Wea’re just entertainment.” Just like Rush and his ilk. Stop making an idiot out of yourself.

        1. You’re full of shit. Keep watching Rachel MadCOW, PMSNBC, Communist News Networ (CNN), etc.

          They mainsteam media is bought and paid for commie-tard propaganda.

          Fox is FAIR AND BALANCED!


            1. Nope, that would the Libtards. Mindless, Brain Dead, Lemmings!!!! Hell Bent on destroying all that is great and spreading misery.


            2. … except for the “libtards” comment, that is pretty much exactly the way most NOT on the Radical Right describe those who ARE on the Radical Right. You follow leaders who are out to destroy you. Most of you lie in DEEPLY Red States that take more from the Feds than they give … if you don’t like it, why not stop taking it?

            3. Patty you Idiot! You have it all backwards like all Lemming, LiberalDrones.

              You Drones are out to destroy greatness. You are lazy, good for nothing, losers in life. You hate the fact that you are so lame you could never be successful so you want to punish the hard working successful majority of the US population. You are a Pond Scum Sucking Bottom Feeder. Go power your clown car with Algae. Idiot!

        2. You hit the nail on the head. Wonder how many will go off their meds when Obama gets re-elected in November.

          Willard RawMoney? a.k.a. Thurston Howell III

          1. Not going to happen. With his phony birth certificate, phony Connecticut issued Social Security Card, Hidden foreign exchange college records, and much, much, much more; he will wind up impeached at the least.

            Before that will happen he will be voted out in a a landslide and you Lemmings will be wallowing in mommy’s basement for a long, long time!

          2. Dictator In – Chief, Professor – Egg Head, Maobama, Liar extraordinaire……

            Maobman loses in massive landslide November 7, 2012. Read it and weep commie-tards!

  3. There is *absolutely*, no possible way Al Gore could have known *anything* about Apple’s power plans. Zip, zero, nada.

    To suggest otherwise would be a complete fabrication and nothing but lies, lies, lies.

    Just like Eric Schmidt knew nothing of the iPhone before its release. Seriously, it’s true.

  4. Way to go, MDN! I’m sure you did your homework & won’t embarrass yourself just like you did a few months ago when you joined the iPhone 4S-hating chorus.

  5. Al has no integrity when it comes to environmental issues, his marriage, breaking election laws and keeping all the Clinton gone wild, to himself. Making money off of this deal fits Al.

    I guess Steve really needed a easy board member.

  6. I’m no fan of Al Gore or his cause of anthropogenic climate change, but these Bloom energy boxes are really neat. With the energy usage of the data center, I can see these paying for themselves if Apple used natural gas. Unfortunately they say they are using bio-gas which is much more expensive. I still think Apple should install a mini nuclear reactor:

  7. Fuck Fox and fuck conservative “think tanks”. Just paid mouthpieces designed to give an air of impartiality to vested corporate interest talking points.

    1. Fuck you Her Shadow, Scum Sucking, Bottom Feeder, Parasite.


  8. Folks, I’m a registered Republican who is in no way a fan of Mr. Gore. However, here are some points for those who give credence to this story:

    1) The Apple board – even if you include Mr. Gore – is made up of savvy, intelligent individuals. If there had been a conflict of interest, I have confidence that the board would have caught it. As another poster said, Mr. Gore likely recused himself (or was asked to do so).

    2) Apple’s entire corporate culture centers around “skating to where the puck is going to be.” There have been some miscalls in that area, but it could be that Apple has something up its sleeve. Perhaps this is simply a pilot project. Having broken my crystal ball last week, I really have no way to know – and neither does Fox, MSNBC, any political party, or anyone else on the planet except those within Apple, and they’re not saying.

    3) While I would certainly not vote for Mr. Gore for an Apple board seat, he IS there. If you like him, fine; if you don’t (and I don’t), get over it or buy enough stock to vote him off. Ranting about it, including the ad hominem attacks from both sides, is starting to get annoying.

    1. Re emmayche
      You got all the points excepting the most salient point:
      It was Faux Newz. “Fair and Balanced” is a slogan- not a statement of fact.

      Funny how most of the people at Faux were ‘liberals’ until they work at Fox. Peggy Noonan wrote copy at CBS for Dan Rather, Bernard Goldberg and Liz Trotta reporters at CBS, John Roberts almost became anchor of the CBS Evening News. Gretchen Carlson anchored CBS Morning News and Saturday Early Show prior to Faux & Friends.

      Joe Peyronnin-the founding President of Fox News had previously been a CBS News executive in charge of 60 Minutes and the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather.

  9. That Algore is in any way associated with Apple makes me want to puke. This self-serving blaggard is just about the creepiest hypocrite on the planet – with his ‘green’ crap and his gigantic fuel burning house. Get out of my life Al. Prick!

    Go Apple!

  10. Faux Newz and a Conservative Notion (they don’t think) Tank blathered/railed/ranted against something tangentially associated with former Vice President Al Gore.
    Got it.
    What about that is news? Kinda like saying kids like candy.

    BTW- Apple will be using a similar power plant at the new Cupertino Campus in the Round. How long until the bitching begins about that?

    1. Here comes Progressive-IDIOT-LEMMING!!!!!! LOOK OUT!!!!

      More liberal hate and racism coming at us from Progressive-Libtard!!!!

      Keep drinking the commie Kool Aid, Dip Shit!

      1. Gore, Liberals, Maobama, Lemmings, Bought and Paid for Propaganda “media”……

        Unbelievable what is going on in the great US. These liberal LUNATICS will stop at nothing.

        We will stop them though.

        Back to making money and working for a living while you lemming leach off of all of us hard working folk. Losers.

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