Qualcomm, Intel give Apple source code in patent battle with Samsung

“Intel Corp. and Qualcomm Inc. have provided U.S. lawyers with source code that will help prove Apple Inc. isn’t infringing patents of Samsung Electronics Co., an Australian lawyer for the maker of iPhones said,” Joe Schneider reports for Bloomberg.

“Attorneys in the U.S. have inspected the code and Intel and Qualcomm have agreed to provide it to lawyers involved in a patent dispute in Australia, Andrew Fox, Apple’s lawyer, said at a hearing in Sydney today,” Schneider reports. “‘Further non-infringing arguments can be made from that’ disclosure of the source code, Fox said today.”

Schneider reports, “Samsung claims some of Apple’s iPhones and iPads infringe its patents over wireless transmissions… The case is: Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co. NSD1243/2011. Federal Court of Australia (Sydney).”

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  1. This is just fanboy nonsense. Not a single one of the lawsuits has resulted in a significant victory for Apple. Money down the drain that could have been used to provide better iOS apps for the iPad, for instance where’s the missing clock & calculator?

    Apple should stop indulging in this legal nonsense and focus on its customer base for once instead of coasting on the success of the iPad. The market will sort out the winners & the losers.

    1. I partially agree considering Android’s fragmentation and other issues has been doing quite well in killing the platform without Apple’s legal department.

    2. AAPL is erecting a forward-going IP beachhead. The future is IP, and APPL has analyzed this.

      Essentially, intellectual squatters’ rights. Defend or abandon.

    3. Why is the clock and calculator missing? Two extremely simple and useful apps. That never happened in OSX… so why Apple had to yank those?

      Apple would not agree to re-new the licence with those apps. And saw what was the point free apps doing the same were already available. So they just gave up and saved themselves a free bucks in the end.

    4. A clock and a calculator is all you need to be better than the iPad? If that’s all you’ve got, you’ve got nothing. And your claim that Apple has not won major lawsuits proves that you are a bald faced liar.

  2. I sure hope Apple does not listen to the people blathering about how they should give up and allow google to steal their work and ideas without consequences.

    If they accomplish nothing other than forcing android manufacturers to defend their right to steal in every court around the world, forcing them to pay legal fees and run the risk of catastrophic defeat the whole time. Paying for this on shoestring razor thin profit margins while Apple pays their fees with a far smaller portion of their cash pile. That alone is worth something.

    Those who place no value on creation, innovation, invention and moving the human race forward but instead value derivative copies, plagiarism, cheating, and ripping off others ideas without permission call Apple a bully. I say such people are beneath my threshold of contemp and unworthy of engaging in debate.

      1. Larry took a Page from Jobs bio.

        Google now is stealing Apple words and thoughts now – too!
        “focus on the big bets that will make a difference in the world”

        – kicked off a big clean-up
        – spreading ourselves too thin
        – closed or combined over 30 products
        – a visual refresh
        – more consistent

        Read Jobs biography and took it as the bible for CEOs to mange the company.


  3. At $1000 per hour for a lawyers fee, Apple needs to sell 2 phones. Google: 285 phones, Samsung: 10 phones, Microsoft: well, they don’t sell enough phones to matter.
    Let them fight it out in court. Apple can outspend them no problem.

    1. Essentially Apple can win this without a major knock out punch just by forcing their copy cat derivative cloners to continually defend themselves. Make it very costly and risky to rip off Apples IP.

      Death by a thousand papercuts.

    1. i would argue that stories about the forthcoming Mountain Lion which make it impossible to install trojan horse software on Macs by untreated developers will end this.

      If a trusted developer tried this, they would instantly become an untrusted developer and their status would get yanked.

      Granted we have to wait until this summer. But as Trojan horses is the only malware vector that has been successful in the eleven year history of OS X and its about to be permanantly shut down.

      So there’s your answer in a nutshell.

  4. A patent is a patent is a patent.
    SJ: “And oh boy have we patented it?!”
    When M$ once stole the MacOS GUI it was the bully of the neighbourhood and got away with it, now the table’s turned. As an AAPL holder I demand Apple to defend its patents and IP.

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