Foxconn recruiter says Apple’s next-gen iPhone coming in June

“A recruiter for Foxconn’s growing Taiyuan plant may have inadvertently spoiled some of Appe’s 2012 iPhone plans,” Electronista reports.

“When interviewing with TV-Tokyo [past 6-minute mark], the staffer said the plant was explicitly hiring 18,000 workers ‘for the fifth-generation phone,'” Electronista reports. “He expected the phone to come out in June.”

Electronista reports, “The interview could… be a sign that Apple won’t wait until fall for its next revision and that the October release of the iPhone 4S was a singular exception rather than starting a new pattern.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone is the iPhone 4S.

1st-gen: iPhone
2nd-gen: iPhone 3G
3rd-gen: iPhone 3GS
4th-gen: iPhone 4
5th-gen: iPhone 4S

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Consumers (not electriheads) buy when they have a need, so I don’t think the rumor mill actually affects 4S sales at all.

    What it does for me is justify keeping my entirely adequate three 3GS iPhones & a MiFi until a month after the 5 comes out and then I’ll reevaluate based on

    1. iPhone 5 reviews
    2. Carrier
    3. Data-Tethering options
    4. Cost

    I suspect I’m going to drop down at least one device and lower monthly costs.

  2. Sooner, later, it’s all the same to me, although I’ll be happier to replace my iP4 in June, because that’s when my contract expires. (Well, May, actually, because I can renew a month early). It does mean having to find the money for it a bit earlier, though.

  3. Although calling it the “iPhone 4GS” would 1) be in keeping with the 3GS and 2) stress the anticipated 4G LTE feature and the speed with the LTE, as the 3 and 3G stressed the then new-ish 3G technology, and Steve said the “S” of 3GS was for “speed”. Would go with another new A? processor.

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