Topeka Capital initiates Apple coverage with ‘Buy’ rating, $1001 price target

“It was bound to happen. The only question was who would do it first,” StreetInsider reports.

“That is a $1000 price target on market darling Apple (AAPL),” StreetInsider reports. “Well today Topeka Capital beat the crowd to the punch. In somewhat of an attention-grabbing way, Topeka initiated coverage on Apple with a Buy rating and $1001 price target.”

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  1. I’ll wait for Apple to hit the $650 price target, the $700 price target and the $750 price target before I start caring about these attention seekers.

    1. Never mind. Topeka Capital is actually Brian White, formerly of Ticonderoga. He’s had a $666 target on the stock for a while. On CNBC talking about big iPad sales, the mythological large-screen “iPhone 5” and a touch screen computer. BS.

      Nonetheless, all discussions are favorable toward AAPL on the segment – atypically.

  2. Since that firm uses a STRPR-BASS predictive model for future growth, it’s really not all that surprising that they have AAPL topping a grand.

    1. These guys carp that AAPL’s price could eventually perch that high. However, the world economy may flounder, leaving suckers high and dry. I hope this is not a red herring.

  3. At least $700 this Year! AAPL will surpass Googles share price soon!

    A fine bottle of Champagne will be opened when AAPL surpasses GOOG share price

  4. It will hit 500 before it ever hits 750. I’d consider that a buying op. It could hit $1001 some day but not this year. As a AAPL investor I hope there is a pull back then a run up to at least $750. Would be more icing on my cake.

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