Apple CEO Tim Cook visits Foxconn’s iPhone plant in China

“Apple Inc’s Tim Cook, on his first trip to China as the chief executive officer, has visited an iPhone production plant run by the Foxconn Technology Group, which is being accused of improper labour practices,” Reuters reports.

“China is the world’s largest mobile market and already Apple’s second-biggest market overall, but its growth there is clouded by issues ranging from a contested iPad trademark to treatment of local labour,” Reuters reports. “Picture handouts dated March 28 and e-mailed to Reuters show Cook seen smiling and meeting workers in the newly built Foxconn Zhengzhou Technology Park in the north central province of Hebei. The facility employs 120,000 people, the handouts said.”

Reuters reports, “Cook took the reins at Apple in August after the death of the firm’s visionary founder, Steve Jobs. His closely guarded itinerary has included talks with Vice Premier Li Keqiang, Beijing’s mayor and a visit to one of Apple’s two stores in the capital.”

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  1. I read that Steve never went to China to visit the factories… I’ve spent years going on development trips to China, and I’ll tell you what… That’s probably for the better.

    After reading his biography, Steve would have lost his mind over there. Seriously.

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