America’s favorite boss: Apple CEO Tim Cook

“Can you imagine working for a company where almost every employee approves of the boss’s decisions? It turns out that’s the case at Apple,” Jacquelyn Smith reports for Forbes.

“With a 97% approval rating, America’s favorite boss this year is Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook, according to online jobs and careers community,” Smith reports. “Glassdoor just released its latest ratings of CEOs. The list is based on reviews voluntarily posted by employees who answer the following question: “Do you approve of the way this person is handling the job of leading this company?” The results are calculated similar to presidential approval ratings, and the 25 top-rated chief executives are honored as America’s Favorite Bosses.”

Smith reports, “Cook, who was made chief executive of Apple when the late Steve Jobs resigned in August, 2011, impressed his employees quickly. ‘There are likely several reasons that contributed to Cook’s high approval rating,’ says Samantha Zupan, a Glassdoor spokesperson. ‘For one, Apple employees speak about what a great job he and the executive team are doing leading the company. Another reason is that employees had time to adjust to the idea that Cook would eventually take over the reins from iconic tech visionary Steve Jobs. Lastly, many employees speak highly about the company culture, which continues to be fostered under Cook.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: For some reasons*, Ballmer T. Clown is not on the list.

*Total lack of vision, flying chairs, flop sweat, monkey dancing, etc.

(It’s also nice to see that Jackie’s landed on her feet after than Angels thing.)


  1. What was the Angels thing from the MDN take?

    Cook was part of what drove Apple under Jobs 2.0, and an integral part of what allowed Apple to become what it is today. Maybe not a product visionary, he is none the less a supply chain genius who has put Apple in a category by itself regarding profit margins, and quality per dollar.

  2. Odd there was no commentary here on this paragraph:

    ounding out the top five are American Express chief exec Ken Chenault and Google’s Larry Page. They both earned a 94% rating from employees at their companies.

    With all of the moves and non-moves Google has been making under Page’s leadership (killing projects, messing up Google search results to push Plus, developer interest in Android declining due to a failure to reign in fragmentation), I wouldn’t think he’d be rated that highly.

    At any rate, kudos to Tim Cook!

  3. That’s funny. Li Keqiang, Executive Vice-Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China also has a 97% approval rating.

    The leaders of Apple & China must exhibit communistic, top down management tendencies.

    All hail Chairman Mao! All hail Chairman Cook!

  4. It’s one thing to have a 97% rating if you were CEO of Slubs, Inc., but to have that kind of rating at a company filled with some of the most creative (and probably opinioned) minds on the planet?

    Now that’s saying something.

  5. Dear BizTards,

    You wonder why your business is in the crapper. You wonder why you have to resort to crime and deceit in order to wring out a buck.

    I know why: It’s because you are NOT a capitalist. You’re just a BizTard.

    Would you like to know how REAL capitalism WORKS? Go study Apple. You know, that company that is now #1 in the world while ALL other companies lag behind? That company that THRIVES amidst our ongoing worldwide economic depression! Pretty niffy-kewl, eh?

    Want to know the key word? The one that makes it all work right? It’s mutual respect among the employer, employees and the customer. No respect = no business, only bogus biznizz. It’s spelled:
    R E S P E C T

    Yeah, it’s true! Those teachers how handed you that dime-a-dozen MBA degree were fracking IDIOTS. But you can still learn the right way to be an actual capitalist. Get to work! Learn and grow! Get going with Apple as a great example. That’s why I love Apple! That’s why the world loves Apple. It’s spelled:
    C A P I T A L I S M

    If you think it’s capitalism, but it’s not,
    it’s: C R A P

    1. When CEOs live in a world that allows them to believe they are worth 500 times as much to the company as the average worker and they should get that pay even as the company goes belly up they will never respect the customer or the employees. Employees become (human) resources, which are like any other resource. That is, you always look for a cheaper substitute and never credit that they may actually be contributing to the success of the enterprise. Customers become market share, to be given as little as possible for as many dollars as may be extracted in any given transaction. Most company leadership has inherited the wealth created by their predecessors and have only the goal of keeping as much of that wealth for themselves as they can.

      I wasn’t going to respond to your post, but I started thinking about the different experiences of going to an Apple store, knowing I’m going to be treated well and leave feeling that I have spent my money well and buying a car, leaving with a product that I hope will serve me well (I drive Hondas, so I’m actually pretty OK there) and hoping I didn’t get screwed too badly. Honda dealerships are not much different from the South Broadway Auto Emporium. Never forget that the actual customer of a car manufacturer is the dealership, not the end owner. Needless to say I buy new Apple stuff frequently and drive my cars until the wheels fall off.

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