Samsung won’t get to attack the iPhone 4S at trial in California this summer

“Yesterday evening, Judge Lucy Koh, the federal judge presiding over Apple’s two lawsuits against Samsung in the Northern District of California, entered an order denying two Samsung motions,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents.

“Samsung won’t get to amend its prior art contentions at this stage because it has known about all of those for several months and, in the court’s opinion, didn’t act diligently,” Mueller reports. “Samsung also sought to amend its infringement contentions by including the iPhone 4S, which went on sale in October, in the list of accused products. But the court is concerned about a disruption of the current case schedule and ‘has reservations about adding a new product at this late date, particularly given the difficulties the parties have had in reaching a negotiated agreement to add the additional device since the iPhone 4S was released five months ago.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Slavish.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


      1. ok, but then this just speaks volumes about what is wrong with the legal system. it seems to me that the legal system enforces “frivolous lawsuits” about as much as the n.b.a. enforces “walking”.

  1. Samsung has been stomping on its competitors by stealing their IPs and then challenge them to take it in the courts. This tactic worked in the past because Samsung is an opaque conglomerate with deep pockets. This alone is very intimidating to its competitors who would be reluctant to sue Samsung in a long-drawn court case. Samsung has been at this game for a long time and thinking that it has been very good in this speciality, decided to stomp on Apple’s IP and hope to get away with it. But this time the victim decides to become the hunter instead and this panicked Samsung to do all sorts of legal gymnastics to extricate itself from the hole it has dug.

    1. If I get my wish, Samesung will be a subsidiary of Apple, the CEO and upper management will wear studded leather collars and be slaves to Apples commands.

      I want a terrifying example made of Samesung so no other companies dare to try what they did.

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