Beleaguered RIM under the gun as pressures mount

“Investors in Research In Motion Ltd. may be pondering a key question ahead of the company’s earnings report later this week: Can things get any worse?” Dan Gallagher reports for MarketWatch.

“As far as sentiment on Wall Street goes, the answer appears to be yes,” Gallagher reports. “Research In Motion RIMM -1.07% is already expected to report a 19% drop in sales and a 54% plunge in net income for the quarter ended Feb. 29, as sales of its once-popular BlackBerry line of smartphones stalls in the face of strong competition.”

Gallagher reports, “Device shipments are expected to fall more than 25%, and slowing subscriber growth will likely cut into the lucrative stream of recurring revenues RIM draws from carriers for running the backbone network to manage its messaging services… ‘We believe [RIM’s] dire outlook could deteriorate well below consensus expectations,’ wrote Jeff Kvaal of Barclays in a Friday note to clients titled ‘Grim and getting grimmer.'”

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  1. I’m forced to use a Blackberry at work and my frustration is limited, only because I’m not an investor in RIM. I cannot wait for their final death, which will make my employer re-evaluate the best device, which we all know is the iPhone.

  2. Some of the comments posted to the original article are truly hilarious! One poor fool thinks that the ONLY problem that RIM has is bad press from US analysts who want to bring its stock price down.
    As if RIM wasn’t accomplishing that all by themselves…

  3. Apparently MacDailyNews only knows one word, “beleaguered”. Every article they copy, they add the word beleaguered. Grab a thesaurus or do something! Once in a while it’s ok. Not on every single headline!

    1. You must be new here. MDN uses “beleaguered” because back in the 90’s every article about Apple in just about any magazine or newspaper was “Beleaguered Apple” this and “Beleaguered Apple” that. I don’t agree with MDN’s editors on much, but I definitely applaud them for their long memories and somewhat petty vindictiveness when it comes to slights against Apple. From “SIDAGTMBTTS” to “I like our strategy. I like it a lot” I sincerely hope MDN never forgets.

      1. Exactly. Those of us who lived through it know this all too well. I was doing desktop support for the Macs at our company back then. This is schadenfreude for the endless jabs by the PC guys and those that just didn’t get it.

    2. Beleaguered…it’s an in joke dating back to the mid 90’s when Apple was reported almost every day as ‘beleaguered’ and the source – along with the ‘Apple Death Knell counter’ of the schadenfreude which fuels MDN.
      Totally justified usage IMO.

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