Was Apple serious about Phoenix-area site?

“Apple Inc. has selected Austin over Phoenix for a major operations center, but it did spend about a year quietly scouting the Phoenix area, according to two leading Arizona economic-development officials

“The company selected six potential sites in metro Phoenix and especially favored three sites in Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler because they could be built on quickly, according to Barry Broome, president and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, and Don Cardon, CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority,” Beard reports. “Without giving Arizonans much of a chance to present their case or to negotiate, the maker of iPhones, iPads and Mac computers settled on Austin for a $304 million Americas Operations Center that is expected to employ up to 3,600 workers in 10 years. It is projected to handle operations in areas such as accounting, human resources and finance for all of North, South and Latin America. The proposed campus eventually is expected to encompass 1 million square feet.”

Beard reports, “The Austin City Council on Thursday on a 6-0 vote approved $8.6 million in property-tax abatements for the company, on top of $21 million in state incentives already offered by Texas Gov. Rick Perry… In Austin, questions lingered, too, especially about whether Texas governments really needed to offer incentives. Apple is rolling in cash, and it may have intended to locate in Austin all along and perhaps was not serious about the Phoenix area, said Jon Roberts, an Austin economic-development consultant.”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. As an AAPL shareholder, I want Apple to do everything they can to maximize profits.

    Apple deserves the incentives (and more, actually) because they are bringing in good-paying, stable, long-lasting jobs to the Austin community.

    These employees will pay income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes. They will shop at local businesses and use local plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc., creating jobs for people who work at those stores and who provide those services.

    The benefits Apple will bring to Austin far outweigh whatever incentives are provided.

    Smart states and communities attract and land strong businesses and everyone prospers from it.

      1. You first G4DuecheBAG! Apple should locate wherever it makes the most economic sense and maximizes profits. Not exclude a state due to Maobama’s liberal-religion ideology. Lemming!

    1. And what would you suggest john LIMP-dck? Just open the flood gates right. Why even have separate countries, let’s just merge Mexico and the US together right??? You FREAKING FOOL!

  2. Gosh, all this greed seems vastly misplaced. If Apple has money, we all should get some. Never mind losing 3600 jobs.

    PS, tax abatement means not collecting tax for a few years. Just like they are collecting now on that empty lot next to the empty mall. So any money is really added money.

    Just a thought,

      1. You don’t know what a communist is moron.
        Regarding Phoenix, which is where I live, too bad because as an IT Architect I would love to work for Apple.
        But there is no denying that the tea party jackasses in Arizona have made the state a laughing stock and not the place many companies would be associated with.

        1. I have a vacation home in Scottsdale, AZ. Spectacular golf there!!! Maybe Apple will open their next expansion in AZ.

          They are knocking the cover off the ball so I’m sure they’ll be expanding again soon. That’s the great news.

          The bad new is what psychotic-HATERS the Democrats are. They would dream of trying to punish AZ just like ObambiTARD tries to.

          Look up sleaze in the dictionary and the definition is Democrat.

          Bottom-feeding SCUM!

        2. This had nothing to do with “tea party jackasses”. Apple had no intention to come to Phoenix, it just used Phoenix to get a little more out of Austin. Apple has had plans to be in Texas for years.

          Phoenix is a great place to have a facility — no tornadoes or hurricanes, no earthquakes, great golf and beautiful weather. Quite a lot to offer a company, but Apple already had Austin sited out.

  3. Arizona, don’t blame Apple. Blame yourselves. The “Product” that Apple was buying was better in Texas. We’ve got the same problem in California– just voted the worst place in America for opportunity. If you want to know what a governing “Left” will bring you, just look at the mess California is in.

    1. The question is, what are Texas’ prospects going forward?

      I’m glad Apple decided to build a bridge to Texas, especially if it punishes Jan Brewer, who has run Arizona into the ground ever since Janet Napolitano left the governorship in the hands of that bleached-blond bimbo.

      Uh, you do realize the mess in California is the wake of a Republican governor who has a history of making messes in both his professional and personal lives, right?

      If you’re not from California, Spark, just stop berating this place. If you don’t have to live here, WTF do you care?

      1. born here and have spent all my 57 years in CA. I know the situation here very well. The Governor in CA has VERY little power or control. The state assembly has been under Dem control for 50 years.

  4. Arizona:
    Gov Jan Brewer
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio
    Sen John McCain
    Sen Jon Kyl
    Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords gunned down

    Does this sound like Apple territory?

    1. The gunned down incident was a line whacko and could have occurred anywhere.

      To the rest of your statement they were obviously considering several sites there so clearly they felt it was a potential match regardless of what you or I say or think.

      1. Glad you clarified that. I thought the shooting had to do with “exercising Second Amendment remedies.” (you do remember Sharron Angle, yet another Arizona pol)

        The environment that produces Arizona’s leadership has to be of concern to a company that needs to hire persons capable of thought who may not all be straight, white or male.

        1. got something against the Second Amendment? if Giffords and/or her body guards had availed themselves of the protection provided by the Second Amendment she might have escaped being shot. the day is soon coming when you will wish you weren’t so anti-Constitution.

            1. You don’t have to be in a militia to respect the second amendment. It was put in there for a very good reason.

              Well, you can’t understand any of the constitution, you’re a lemming. It’s like a foreign language to you.

            1. The lemming-drone liberals are the most completely, off the wall, ignoramuses around. Complete mouth breathers. They don’t have the slightest clue to what reality is. SAD.

    2. Actually, you listed some of the things I was thinking about, too. I can’t help but think that their extreme anti-immigrant (putting it as nicely as I can) positions had an effect on a company like Apple considering their location. I was wondering what they thought of Jan Brewer trying to make a case for anything, since she doesn’t seem all that bright in the few instances I’ve seen her speak.

      1. No one is anti-immigrent you effing ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!!! How freaking clueless can you be?



        Not too hard to figure out for anyone, I repeat anyone, with a brain.

        A LIB-ROW-TARD on the other hand is a hole nother story. They’re like cartoon-cave men in brain capacity.

          1. No you only want to force your religion of Socialism and Global Warming on everyone. Your religions are religions of misery. Just like Nazi Germany, North Korea, USSR, Cuba, ETC!

      2. “I can’t help but think that their extreme anti-immigrant (putting it as nicely as I can) positions had an effect on a company like Apple considering their location”

        How dare you try to conflate immigration with illegal immigration.

        Then you must think that you inviting friends over to your home is no different than someone breaking into your home and taking your stuff and threatening the lives and well bring of you and your kids and family.

        That is a reprehensible morally bankrupt and entirely hippocritocal and indefensible position. That makes you a complete liar and a fraud.

        There is an enormous difference between supporting legal immigration and illegal immigration. The two are not even similar.

    3. Does this sound like Apple territory?

      Sure does, queervan. Apple loves Phoenix, because Arizona loves Apple! There are six Apple stores in Phoenix-Metro, all within twenty-minutes of one another.

      There are only two Apple stores in all of Austin. Texas has the second highest number of Apple stores, behind California, who has fifty-one, so good on Texas.

      The thing is queervan, business trumps politics and in Arizona there are no unions, no health care mandates, or nosy revenuers, pesky pollution or cap ‘n trade practices so businesses in America find Arizona really attractive. You know, a little like China, right here in America’s backyard.


        1. What are you talking about Mary Anne? Are you having a blonde moment?

          Unionized and RED TAPED to the nines??????

          Please explain what this has to do with my comment, or any thing for that matter?

          1. Liberals and unions are blockading business in the US. They hate Capitalism and personal responsibility. They want us all dependent on them for whatever scraps they want to throw at us. You FREAKING LOSER!!!!!!

          1. You got the ass part right. I can only guess that you ranting is fueled by alcohol or drugs. It really is boring to watch the antics of a drunk. Sad, too

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