Dvorak: Microsoft may be poised to challenge Apple – via Xbox

“Right now, Microsoft Corp. seems poised to do something bold: go into the computer business to compete with Apple Inc.,” John C. Dvorak writes for MarketWatch.

“This is possibly being done under the guise of its new emphasis on the Xbox360 and the upcoming Xbox720 which maybe be previewed later this year,” Dvorak writes. “Microsoft may have finally realized that the Xbox can become more than a game console.”

“Microsoft has done a very poor job of pushing the capabilities within the Xbox division. Instead it spins its wheels on the Windows Phone and Bing fearing an overall threat from Apple and Google Inc., respectively,” Dvorak writes. “This may be changing if Microsoft can realize it has a market all to itself and a real competitor to Apple if it can make the Xbox720, or whatever it is called, a full blown computer that is also a game console. I’m thinking Xbox-PC.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Junk food for thought. As usual.


    1. Dvorak says perceptive things sometimes – About MSFT he says, “Right now there is no evidence that they can pull off an original idea”. Some of us been sayin’ that for years.

    2. How can Dvorak be so wrong on just about everything he writes every single time he writes an article he gets it wrong.
      It must be Bizarro vision or something. I also can’t understand why the rags continue to pay this guy a wage. I would put a chimp on a typewriter with a dozen bananas and get better more accurate articles.

  1. Wow. Amazingly BAD prediction. Even if Microsoft added iTunes-like movie rental, etc. to Xbox, it would NEVER reach the potential of iOS-enabled devices.

    Plus, Microsoft would have to overcome the game-machine public viewpoint. Unless you’re a gamer, you’re not considering an Xbox, PS3, or Wii for anything other than gaming. The other features are added benefits, but definitely will never drive sales of these units.

    1. They already have rentals on Xbox via Zune. While Xbox is no real competitor to apple in this sense, I still use my Xbox more for serious bouts of gaming than any of my apple stuff, which I have a lot of. Xbox has pretty much the same setup as apple tv (content wise) but I greatly prefer my apple tv, when choosing to get a tv show available on Xbox or iTunes, I choose iTunes because it’s more versatile, easy to use, and just plain better looking, but I always go back to my Xbox for gaming

        1. or… you realize an Xbox is capable of being used as a digital converter terminal (something no AppleTV can do), can be used to download movies, operates as a true game platform, and is subsidized by MS through your local ISP meaning you get one FREE for signing up. After that the ATV begins to look somewhat pale.

  2. Well, at least someone is thinking about what MS can do.

    Obviously it has not been Ballmer doing his job (see stock price over 10 years).

    Apple taught the whole world you need to control an innovative product by having vertical integration. Maybe MS might go for it…though it is hardly a guaranteed success.

  3. It’s all about Eco-systems, and MS doesn’t have one. Apple on the other hand has iOS as its mobile platform and has linked certain features back to its desktop OS. Blend in iCloud and you have the best Eco-system. MS has SkyDrive. Mmm, enough said.

  4. No John C. Divorak is a consomitprofessional. He has been at this for years and knows how to get the hits, he makes a good living at getting fans of different platforms juices flowing. That said the xPad will be a flop, Microsoft gets its wins based purely on luck.

  5. I always thought that the Xbox was just a way to sell another computer to people who already had one. I mean, if you want to play a game, why not play it on the computer you already have?

    Of course I’m no Windows fan, and I’m no gamer either. But why would anyone who already is happy slumming with Windows want to buy an Xbox to do that when the trend is to buy the cheapest piece of junk you can buy?

    1. Because its not consistent for one, new game comes out and you sometimes your machine suddenly needs to be upgraded.

      Controls are another, the only thing a dev knows for sure is you have a keyboard and mouse. Not always the best choice.

      Consoles are a KISS designed product for gaming.

      Idiots have been proclaiming the end of consoles for years, the PC was going to kill it, then portables, then cellphones and now the ipad. I doubt it will happen.

  6. The opposite is going to happen: as Apple pushes iPad + AirPlay it will kill off the console gaming market. The timing of M$ putting all their eggs on Xbox is typical M$ strategy: bet on last year’s tech.

    1. The iPod and iPhone are already cutting into the gaming market. The iPad should provide a different and perhaps better in its own way gaming experience. 720 would be a good name for M$ X-Box; going in circles on its way down the toilet.

      Let’s see where M$ is: Desktop, laptop, and netbook losing sales to iPad. Corporate market PC sales: down due to iPad. M$ phone sales: never in the game, minor also ran. Gaming console: see above.

      M$: Please, please, please, keep Stevie as CEO-for as long as it takes. 🙂

    2. No way, not gonna happen. iPad is lame a game platform and thanks in part to the nature of Apple’s short product cycle will not displace game consoles.

      Just one aspect, look at longevity of the 360. Released in 2005 and still kicks ass as a gaming platform 7 years later. Just wait to see what the 720 & PS4 will be able to do, no iPad or ATV will come close in processing power for years.

      The iPad and other Apple products with their short lifespans are not suited as game platforms. Its really frustrating but 2 years later the 1st iPad is slow on iOS 5.1 and isn’t supported by many apps. This wonderful situation doesn’t sit well with gamers or any customer with common sense.

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