1. I wasn’t arguing about who had it first, I was making a pun.

        And WHY all the SHOUTING about WHERE Apple or Samsung place their DICTATION function? Relax. You’ll live longer.

  1. MDN – “The company that gets this right first, and patents it, will be sitting pretty for many years.”

    We will hope so — but in all other cases – it hasn’t happened – no patent Apple has filed in defence of its IP has truly helped yet.

    The patents on Multi-Touch for a mobile operating system should not be allowed to be copied. Slide to Unlock another those basic few things should force – Android to end development; wouldn’t we think?

      1. the competition is on Apples ass… sitting pretty is sitting stupid

        need more then protect the IP – protect the entire invention of the Smartphone as Apple has really provided far more to the game here… yet the competition has caught up.

        Siri was said to be 1 year ahead and they ain’t any more.

      2. Here is my beef… the Apple I cared about – was passionate about innovation and making a huge difference – changing the world. Not about the lawsuits and stock market.

        Steve left use with some amazing devices. Yet all that has happened is upgrades and revisions. Great improvements.
        Jobs got his wish… the world has chanced thanks to Apple…

        To only keep that memory alive is not enough…
        Kill Android if it truly is stolen.

        If not, the competition is doing great work also then at prices far more reasonable then Apple is. With so much earnings on iOS you think they have more options of Phones. No the option is to buy a old dead model.

        APPLE is looking pretty yeah that is about all.

        1. wow. you think pretty shallow or with your willie.

          apple is not perfect.
          who is.
          but apple still pushes boundaries more than any.

          apple is not an inventor.
          they redefine things. for the better.
          no one else does.

          everyone wishes to kill apple.
          but flops.
          they focus on hardware gadgetry.
          who cares.
          apple focuses on synergy, ubiquity, smooth functionality.
          that matters.

          all else is noise, junk.

          what did the world gain from open-source, really?
          adobe flash? it’s not open. plus it hogs cpu like nothing else.
          pdf? it’s not really free.
          google docs? it’s ugly, rudimentary.

          don’t just insult apple.
          if you can find a better solution,
          if you are rich yourself from your big brilliant thoughts,
          then talk.

          don’t regurgitate.
          think. different.
          lead. don’t follow.

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