Why Apple will hit $1,650 by the end of 2015

“With every new $100 level increment in Apple‘s (AAPL) stock price, we hear a chorus of worrywarts on business TV saying it just can’t continue,” Eric Jackson writes for Forbes.

“It’s unprecedented, they say. Apple’s now too big. Steve Jobs is gone. Everyone likes it. It’s a bubble,” Jackson writes. “Yet, no company this big before has ever had the opportunities and relatively low market share that Apple now has. And Steve’s greatness actually masked how good the rest of the team is.”

Jackson writes, “We’re at $600 now, but I think Apple has much further to go from here. If things play out as I expect, Apple will hit $1,650 by the end of 2015. Here’s how.”

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  1. World events (think Iran and the rest of the middle east, not to mention the Euro zone) will likely have some negative impact on this scenario playing out as described. Much as we might like to hope otherwise. The future is probably not quite so rosey.

  2. Speaking with my “analyst” two days ago (who is no APPL fan), I evinced exactly the same sentiments as those in the above article. When I reminded him that Apple currently has only 9% of the worldwide market share of phones and only 6% of the PC market right now, he nearly crapped his pants. “Room enough for growth for you, Bucky?” I asked. Sheepishly, he agreed (but, like most analysts, still no AAPL fan.)

    It’s ON for 2015, folks!

    1. It amazes me that you would have to explain to an “analyst” Apples potential for growth. Even more amazing is how their potential for success was completely misread by everyone else in the same industry.

  3. I wish these guys would stop making me nervous. Extravagant predictions like these historically mark the peak of a bubble.

    Before you flame, no, I don’t think Apple has peaked. But we’ve seen before that Apple’s stock price can make sudden, sustained dives, even as Apple chugs along making profits and releasing amazing products.


    1. I can’t understand why people keep using the word “bubble” when referring to AAPL. A stock trading under a 15 PE ratio with Apples PEG is not in the “bubble” category. Not even close. A big Apple pullback in the near future would be meaningless.

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