iPad growth accelerates to 156%, tablet sales to ‘measurably’ exceed PCs

“The launch of the new iPad shows sales of Apple’s tablet are ramping at an accelerated rate of 156 percent year over year, putting them in a position to become “measurably larger” than the PC market as a whole,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Analyst Gene Munster with Piper Jaffray believes most expected Apple to sell between 1 million and 2 million of its new iPad over the launch weekend,” Hughes reports. “But Apple easily exceeded those projections on Monday, when the company announced that it had sold 3 million of the new iPad in its first three days.”

Hughes reports, “The sales suggest that Apple will sell 12 million iPads in the current March quarter, with year-over-year growth accelerating to 156 percent. In comparison, the iPad saw 111 percent year-over-year growth in the December 2011 quarter.”

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  1. Seriously, I can’t imagine how my 2 and 5 years old kids will do computing when they are grown up. One think for sure they will be laughing at the big boxes we call PC currently sitting on my table.

  2. Game changers work…when they really change the game.

    Consumers decide what changes the game with their dollars.

    Mr. Dell, Ballmer and the RIM co-CEOs words don’t mean crap.

    1. Microsoft and Steve Ballmer are hoping that Windows 8 this summer will turn people back to them. Idiots! It is not just the OS, it is not just the hardware, it is not just the apps, its is not just the anyone thing. Apple supplies all the pieces and they all work together and many are free and anyone including my 3 year old grand daughter understands how it works. And she can’t read yet!!!

  3. It’s going to be a tidal wave. The analysts have no idea. The trick is that now iPad isn’t a radical new category. It is established. People are starting to get it. I have already been hearing from dozens of friends and relatives who are finally going to pull the switch. These are not Apple fans and many are PC users who think $350 is a fine price for a computer. Apple’s going to sell a billion of these.

  4. I’ll bet there are a lot of flying chairs in Microsoft headquarters this morning. However, nothing was mentioned about “rounding errors”. Who wants to hear about “rounding errors” when it’s up from 66 million to 70 million iPads to be sold the entire year?

    There was some chatter heard, “Just wait until we launch our Windows 8 tablets seven months from now, maybe.”

  5. I guess folks just don’t get it. Everyone wants these launch epic performances, Samsung green with envy as it sees people line up for Apple products, Dull and HP generating absolutely no buzz. Why?

    Well, Apples well choreographed product launches masterfully create these demand curves. People who want the product, but want to wait for the upgraded product, will naturally hold off because they have a pretty good idea when the next version is due to be delivered, creating a launch date demand. Meanwhile, enterprises, not sure what is being launched, are happy to buy the current product because they know what to expect when its delivered.

    Masterfully done.

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