ZooGue’s Case Genius: The best case for Apple’s new iPad

By SteveJack

I’ve been testing the ZooGue Case Genius for a week now, first with my iPad 2 and now with my brand new iPad (3rd-gen).

This case is likely the most functional iPad case available – plus it’s genuine leather, nice to look at, and constructed to last. It comes in your choice of black, gray, or pink.

It offers a wrist strap for holding your iPad securely and that strap can also double as a car headrest mount for rear seat occupants. It even has Smart Cover-like capabilities: Close it, and iPad automatically goes to sleep. Open it, and iPad instantly wakes up. Just as with Apple’s cover, there’s no need to press any buttons.

I’ve used a leather Apple Smart Cover with my iPad 2 and there were two things I never liked about it: It didn’t protect the back of my iPad at all and it didn’t give me more than a couple of angle choices. With iPad’s glossy display, getting the right angle is important.

The ZooGue Case Genius fixes both issues: My new iPad is protected on all sides and the case adjusted to any angle from flat to upright. If Apple’s cover is smart, ZooGue’s certainly is genius. I can’t emphasize enough how nice it is to be able to adjust the iPad to any angle and have it in such a stable, sturdy base. It’s a big improvement. And the iPad still sleeps and wakes with a close of the cover. Unless you want to go really minimal and thin, this is the case I’d choose.

The case is designed with the proper openings and cut-outs so that everything is easily accessible: the Home button, the sleep-wake button, the volume rocker, the iPad’s speaker, the mute/rotation lock switch, the headphone jack, and the Dock Connector. It all just works right.

All of the above combined with the fact that I’m very happy to carry this well-made leather case in public (and also to just toss it in my backpack) makes the ZooGue Case Genius the best case for Apple’s new iPad that I’ve ever used – and I’ve tried many, many iPad cases. For US$49.99, it’s a steal (especially compared to the $69 Apple charges for their leather Smart Cover).

Obviously, I highly recommend the ZooGue Case Genius for Apple’s new iPad (and for the iPad 2).

Here’s a video of the case in action courtesy of ZooGue (starring Greg Evigan, no less, but minus the Bear):

More info about the ZooGue Case Genius for Apple’s new iPad (and iPad 2) here.

SteveJack is a pen name used by a long-time Macintosh user, web designer, multimedia producer and, when he feels like it, a contributor to both MacDailyNews Takes and the Opinion section.


  1. I don’t look. Still looks too thick for me. I’m looking for a thin, light case that will protect the corners. I happened to drop my original iPad in a case similar to this and it hit right on the corner and knocked the screen out. My new iPad just arrived a few hours ago and I’m looking for the “best” case for it right now.
    Let me know if you find a better alternative to this one…

    1. I haven’t tried it and am looking in LA for a distributor, but the Zagg line seems to be pretty attentive to details, with or without keyboard as part of the unit.

    2. I highly recommend SwitchEasy products. They have this out now:


      I don’t have it, but have a Reptile case for my gen 1 iPad and am very happy with it. The company’s customer service has been off the charts amazing. When I first ordered the Reptile I wanted it in black. They were out so they sent one in brown for free and then shipped the black when it was back in stock. I gave the brown one to a friend. They also included one of their best in class Pure anti-glare screen protectors. Being new to the clean room requirements for proper application, I screwed it up. Months later I noticed that the frame on the case was cracked and I contacted them to see if I could order a new one. They immediate replied ‘send a picture of the crack’ and then sent a brand new case AND another Pure, which I was able to apply perfectly. I wrote them a (rare for me) rave email and promised I would sing their praises when possible. Great products from a great company. No folio case is ever going to be super thin but the new Canvas looks thinner than the ZooGue (but w/o the strap).

      1. Thanks, babakool. I will definitely check this out. Looks like it might be backordered though and I was hoping to get something as soon as possible…

    3. If you are looking for thin and light, the ZooGue Case Genius probably isn’t for you.

      But I wanted a case that’s rugged and highly protective, will last, looks good and is really versatile in adjustment for just the right angle as a stand, and it’s the one I chose after trying out two others (and checking numerous reviews).

      My iPad 2 has been carried everywhere in this case, which still looks new. When my new iPad arrived, it easily fit in the same case.

      Although one can see the corners of the iPad when its in the case, it would be very unlikely for there to be damage if dropped on a corner, as the case will absorb the shock and protect the iPad.

    1. Sena has some new ones out. Ordering one for my husband. I myself while at home reading have my IPad 2 with a clear Belkin snap case on the back with an Apple Smart Cover on the front. When I travel I use a Piel Frama which is gorgeous. I am an obsessive gadget collector and also use a Tweleve South
      Compass stand which is also beautiful. That’s my list.

  2. I had one of these for my iPad 2

    Good protection and durable. Stupid long link, though.

    then I got one of these last month because I am giving it to my grandkids
    (as if it was ever mine to begin with…)

    Durable case? check
    Screen protection? check
    Short URL? check
    Ugly as sin? check+

    1. Which part of SteveJack’s following sentence did you not understand?

      “Here’s a video of the case in action courtesy of ZooGue (starring Greg Evigan, no less, but minus the Bear)”

  3. I went with the portenzo case for my iPad 3rd gen. It covers the back, protects the corners, protects from theft, and looks just like a notebook. You can’t go wrong.

  4. I just ordered the ZooGue, this will be my second one. I had a black one for my black iPad 2. My wife now owns it. LOL I am getting the dark grey to go with my white iPad 3rd gen.

    This case is bulky, but in terms of usability it’s just nothing else like it out there. The velcro allows so many various angles for viewing. Plus when you set an angle is stays put, no slipping or sliding around like so many other cases out there. I am willing accept some bulk for the higher level of usability vs all these thinner totally less functional cases.

    Steve got this one just right!

    I love how folks judge a case by looks alone, I guess in the same way they do people, so it shouldn’t be surprising.

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