USA Today’s Baig reviews new Apple iPad: ‘The finest tablet you can buy – period’ (with video)

“Nearly everyone who lands the brand new iPad on Day 1 — or more likely sometime afterward, since preorders are sold out — will be delighted,” Edward C. Baig reports for USAA Today. “The new iPad snatches the crown from its predecessor as the finest tablet you can buy. Period.”

“The display is spectacular. Apple also improved the camera, added dictation and, on some models, the ability to tap into the speediest available cellular networks,” Baig reports. “The test machine, a Verizon model that taps into the company’s 4G LTE network, was really zippy in a week of testing in San Francisco and Austin. Downloading apps was quick, including previously purchased apps that had to be accessed through Apple’s iCloud service. Web pages loaded much faster than on an older iPad running 3G. The new iPad can work as a personal hotspot that lets you share your speedy wireless connection with up to five other devices, though for now only Verizon has turned on the feature.”

Baig reports, “The display becomes your window into all those apps. And the brilliant screen on the new iPad is the thing that will have you salivating. You’re probably thinking the displays on the first iPad and the iPad 2 were pretty sweet, and you’d be right. Watching movies, reading books, surfing the Web, playing games and admiring photos on the older tablets is not an unpleasant experience. But then you have a look at what Apple calls the “retina display” on the new iPad, technology first applied to recent iPhones, and you’re blown away.”

Much more in the full review here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. I never thought the displays on the first and second iPads were “sweet”. But I’m forking over cash this time.

    What I’m also hoping for is a very fast refresh of the screen, so when you scroll webpages you can still discern text as you scroll… But I’m not holding my breath. That’s when it’ll really seem like printed text on a glossy magazine page – when it doesn’t totally blur as you move it.

    But small potatoes, those are. This iPad will be killer, especially at these prices.

    1. Actually, you WILL get that effect 🙂 🙂

      The quad core GPU is apparently VERY powerful. Benchmarks have indicated a significant jump in frame rates despite the new display having 4x the pixels 🙂

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