Apple looks to increase market domination with new iPad

“Apple will be looking to tighten its grip on the tablet market on Friday with the release of its newest iPad,” AFP reports.

“Hordes of gadget lovers are expected to lay siege to Apple stores to get their hands on third-generation iPads when they debut at 8:00 am local time in the United States and nine other countries including Australia and France,” AFP reports. “A week later the new iPads will be available in nearly 30 more countries.”

AFP reports, “It has become standard to see long queues at Apple shops on release dates, and a flood of orders for iPads at the California firm’s online store indicates the ritual will continue on Friday. ‘If pre-orders are any indication, we are going to end up with a heck of a lot of people lined up at the stores,’ said Gartner analyst Van Baker.”

“Analysts at Canaccord Genuity predicted Apple will sell 65.6 million iPads this year, raising their forecast by nearly 10 million tablets after the unveiling of the latest model,” AFP reports. “‘We believe Apple has extended its leadership position in the fast-growing tablet market,’ Canaccord Genuity said in a note to investors. ‘We believe the new iPad has raised the bar relative to competing tablets.'”

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  1. This is so much fun to watch. After going through years of ridicule, Apple is getting serious respect. I love watching the iHaters just foaming and fuming as Friday approaches. They are in absolute frenzy with frustration as their weapons of choice keeps producing dud after dud after dud. They whisper under breath how they hate the fact that their clones are copying Apple so much with their hardware and stolen OS. We can see it in your eyes you iHaters, and we just have to smile or laugh at you! For me? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Tomorrow will be fun to watch!

    1. “What does the iPhone offer that other cell phones do not already offer, or will offer soon? The answer is not very much… Apple’s stated goal of selling 10 million iPhones by the end of 2008 seems ambitious.”
      – Laura Goldman, LSG Capital, May 21, 2007

      Analysts are raising their estimates by as many iPads as Laura Goldman was talking about in total iPhones here. A lot sure can happen in 5 years.

      1. How does the likes of a Laura Goldman keep her job? Oh, I know… LSG is her company. And not only was she being pessimistic about the iPhone, she was using her prediction of failure to suggest that people sell AAPL. On May 21, 2007, AAPL closed at $111.98. Hope no one sold at Laura’s suggestion.

        1. Is this her?

          “Laura Goldman, 51, a former Philadelphia investment broker, fled to Israel in 2000 to evade charges of blackmail and extortion filed by billionaire Thomas H. Lee. For nine years the U.S. federal authorities battled to secure her extradition. At the end of last year, a few months after she was sent back to the U.S., she pleaded guilty to two counts of extortion in a plea bargain with the court and was released on a five-year probation with serious restrictions.
          If convicted Goldman would have faced up to 20 years imprisonment, five years of supervised release and a $250,000 fine on each of the 18 counts, according to a press release issued by the FBI in April.”

          1. Damn, that is one fugly ‘broker’. She broke every branch she touched in her fall from the ugly tree. Corrupt , too. All those people are corrupt.

    1. Apple could take a year off on a companywide vacation, wake up and say “iPad 2 now in Blue and Pink” and have a line out the door.
      I can’t even go to anymore because the delusional comments make me sad.

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