Digital Bolex camera: Shoot RAW video for just $2,500 (with video)

“If you want to take great photos that you can play around with later, you shoot RAW. And if you want to take great video, ready for the kind of post-processing punishment exacted on it by adding visual effects, you also shoot RAW,” Charlie Sorrel reports for Cult of Mac.

“However, while you can get a RAW-shooting stills camera for under $500, a RAW-capable video camera is professional only, running to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Until now,” Sorrel reports. “Joe Rubinstein will sell you a Digital Bolex for just $2,500. In the movie world, that’s like finding a Nikon D4 in your cereal box.”

Sorrel reports, “I’m not sure how the Swiss Bolex 16mm movie camera company will take to the name of Rubinstein’s camera, but if the Digital Bolex comes in on budget and if the images are as good as those in the test footage below.”

Read more, including the camera’s specs, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Very nice, but we think they might have to change the name unless they’ve licensed “Bolex.”


    1. I know exactly what you mean. Since Apple doesn’t make any computers capable of processing video, not to mention they have no software for video, why would a Mac website report on something as stupid as a RAW video camera that has the promise of being affordable by mere mortals.

      After all, with no Apple computers capable of doing video and no software to do it with, OBVIOUSLY nobody who frequents this site has any interest whatsoever in anything video, so yeah, your blinders on view pretty much rules the internets. OH THE HUMANITY why oh why MDN did you post such irrelevant not even slightly related Apple in ANY conceivable way ‘news’?

      For all you Sheldons my sarcasm sign is flying 😉

  1. The ad banner and display box for this article showcased the ‘preorder now’ Canon 5DIII, costing $3500. The 5DIII does 1080p video (not RAW) in addition to being a RAW still camera That a RAW video camera could be coming at a $2500 price tag is fantastic

  2. That is interesting indeed. But this is time-lapse…I can shoot RAW time-lapsed images in ANY camera then tweak it in CaptureOne or Lightroom then output each frame, put them in iMovie or Final Cut Xpress, scruntch the time to each frame voila…I have a “Digital Cinema”. A bit misleading…is this for real I wonder?

    Cinema cameras that shoot RAW today are expensive and cost prohibitive for individuals unless you make 6 figures. ARRI Alexa and Sony D65 CineAlta camera’s do this already. You just have to be a good colorist (Photoshop RAW tweaker for movie footage). These RAW frames have a 14 stop range. That is amazing! I thought the footage above could have been better…not time lapse. Could have done a side by side comparison of unaltered RAW footage to tweaked RAW footage and really showed the color depth and tonal range.

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