Could Apple reach $1,000? Shares soar near $600 on bullish call

“Shares of Apple soared another 4% and neared $600 on Wednesday in the wake of an exceptionally bullish research note that raised the prospect of the tech giant reaching quadruple-digits soon,” Matt Egan writes for Fox Business.

“The latest leap leaves the iPad and iPhone maker up more than 40% so far this year alone and further cements its title as the world’s most valuable company at north of $550 billion,” Egan writes. “Wall Street cheered as Morgan Stanley added Apple to its best ideas list and placed a lofty 12-month price target of $720 on the stock, up 40% from its earlier target of just $515.”

Egan writes, “However, traders appeared to be really focused by a bold prediction that Apple’s stock could near $1,000 by the end of next year.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]

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  1. I always wonder who the idiots are that leave their target in place long after AAPL’s value has passed their uninformed guess behind. So, when did “$515” look bad to this idiot. Apple’s AAPL stock past that long ago.

    Go ahead, keep guessing. Your guess is still to low.

      1. THAT’s the Ed Zabitsky idiot that CNBC has had on a couple times in the last few weeks. He may look deader than a doornail on tv, really, but I’ve been assured he’s alive. I’m sure you can find his interviews on CNBC’s website.

  2. Glad to see Steve left behind a legacy that is coming to fruition. I distinctly remember him saying in a n interview a couple years ago that share holder would be extremely happy in the future. He’s right. Again.

  3. Once it passes GOOG within say f10 days(!!!) then $1,000 mark will be achived very very quickly. I think earning per share this financial year will be $52 to $55. Even @20 pe it should be over $1,000 now not in future but all market guru’s f….. it up

    1. AAPL’s share price may pass GOOG, but so what. Comparing individual stock prices is like comparing oranges and automobiles. It doesn’t matter. If it did, then you would have to ask when will AAPL’s per share price will pass that of Berkshire Hathaway

      1. u watch It also will happen. Compare BRK’s price and AAPL’s price and you will see that AAPL will catch it up. I 1990 BRK was roughly 7000 and was about $100,000 in Sep Oct 2006 i.e. after 16 years from $7,000 to $100,000. Very good performance. But after 16 year AAPL will be over $150,000. Got it?

    2. By the end of this week Apple would zoom past Google in share price. It’s just another $26! How unbelievable is it when hardly less than 1 year ago Google was $670 and Apple was $280. When Apple reaches $1,000 Google would have retreated to $500. Google would rue the day when it became greedy and decided to do rough justice by stabbing its best friend in the back.

      Google is getting its comeuppance. It has many fierce enemies, both big and small. If it has not betray Apple, life for Google might be a lot more bearable.

  4. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having several-year-old shares of AAPL that you bought back when the stock was a dog. I bought AAPL in 1999, and I’ve continued buying since.

    I think it’s finally a good time to say this to all the people who dissed Apple all those years: Neener. Neener. Neener.

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