Apple now nearly worth more than entire U.S. retail sector

“Apple is notoriously deft in retail. Its stores bring in by far more dollars per square foot of selling space, on the average, than any other retailer. But, as Tyler Durden at the blog noted, Apple’s market cap is $14 billion away from being bigger than the entire U.S. retail sector,” Erik Sherman reports for CBS News.

“Oops, sorry, that was with a market cap of $558 billion yesterday. As of this morning, Apple opens nearly 3 percent up with a market cap of $568 billion. Better make it $4 billion, or another day of optimistic trading, away,” Sherman reports. “Even though U.S. retail sales are conservatively about 26 times as large as Apple’s entire revenue, Apple is considered a far more valuable company by the market than the entire retail sector put together.”

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  1. Wow oh wow! This was unimaginable years ago, however what a feat. This is what should happen for companies that have employees and leaders at the top that are innovative, dedicated and persevere. Above all they ran their own race. No government BS.

  2. Stuff like this is meaningless. Apple is immune to all the conventional wisdom. People are struggling to find the proper metric to evaluate Apple, but nothing works. For myself, it’s the revenue, and we get to see every three months what is going on for real. Looking forward to April’s report.

    1. I’d really like to see Apple’s market cap double Microsoft’s, but for some reason, Microsoft’s share price continues to climb despite the Wintel PC market being nearly flat. Microsoft must really be moving a lot of copies of Windows 7 or Microsoft Office. I shudder to think what will happen if consumers don’t bother to upgrade to Windows 8 if they have to buy new computers to meet Windows 8 OS hardware requirements.

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