Jefferies analyst went to Asia and thought he saw Apple iTV; expects next-gen iPhone with A6 and 4-4.3-inch display

“It sounds like Peter Misek, Jefferies & Company’s senior Apple (AAPL) analyst, had a productive trip to Asia,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“In a note to clients Monday, he summarized what he found,” P.E.D. reports. “Signs that Apple may be preparing to begin commercial production of a full-fledged television — which he calls iTV — around May or June for a pre-Christmas launch. His evidence, however, is pretty slim: small quantities of polarized films, filters, and IGZO components starting to ship to Apple’s Asian panel suppliers.”

“He continues to believe that Apple will release an iPhone 5 in calendar Q3 and could build as many as 50 million this year. He’s expecting an A6 processor and a new design with a wider shape and a 4 to 4.3-inch screen.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Apple doesn’t have to increase the size of the phone to get 4+” screen. Just reduce the bezel and eliminate the Home button, either by a button on the side or 2 finger gesture. Apple should not increase the size.

  2. If Apple increases the screen some, it will be to increase the battery size which is becoming the weak point in the design. Power requires room or greater efficiencies or innovations in many places.

    1. If the iPhone 5 has an LTE chip, Apple will need more room for a larger battery, as evidenced by the new iPad.

      BTW, are we going to call the 2013 iPad the “new iPad” as well? Then does the 2012 iPad just become the “iPad”, or the “old iPad”, or the “iPad classic?” and what happens in 2014?!?

      Look, I could be a blogger/journalist/analyst!

      1. They would be designated in the same way the current MBP’s and other Macs are designated…by year, early or late, or features. I prefer the numeric designator, but can live with whatever Apple does.

    1. I don’t think such a tweener device would offer Apple much of a sales opportunity. Samsung is rather desperate and needs to try just about anything to steal sales from Apple. I don’t see the Galaxy Note as a threat to Apple’s sales of iPhones or tablets. If you like the Galaxy Note so much you should just buy one. Just don’t expect Apple to build a similar model just for a handful of consumers. I don’t want to see Apple growing its product line to try to attract ever consumer. Apple should be generous enough to let other companies fill the less profitable niche spaces.

      I would like to see Apple strengthen it’s iPod Touch model with a more powerful processor, possibly increase its battery life and have just a slightly larger screen in the same size package. It would seem that Apple could attract more consumers with an updated Touch model. However, maybe it would hurt Apple by taking away iPad sales. I’d still be in the market for an upgraded Touch besides having an iPad. I’m still interested in having a pocketable movie and music player since I don’t have an iPhone.

  3. I understand Elvis Presley will be seen using the new 4″ iPhone! Also a band featuring Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, and Jim Morrison, will play live at the event to introduce the 4″ iPhone. Should be quite a show! 🙂

  4. His sources indicate the initial apple TV will roll out in an all-electric model, followed later by a propane model. An accessory supply chain suggests a 3 meter conversion cable adapter for natural gas will available for $49.

  5. Apple can go to “4-inch screen” for iPhone while retaining the current dimension (and same number of pixels) in the short direction. The screen would become taller/wider by slightly less than a half inch (and add pixels in that direction).

    When held vertically, the iPhone’s “UI” would occupy a portion of the screen that is exactly equal to the current iPhone screen. The user experience would not change, including the ability to easily use the iPhone while holding it with one hand (two-handed operation not required). Existing apps would look and act exactly the same, because they are using a portion of the screen that is identical to current iPhones.

    The narrow “band” that is left would not be wasted, because it can be used to display ongoing “status” information. That information can be selected by the user as a preference (stock quotes, or weather, or location, or news headlines, etc). It would be the iPhone equivalent of a “widget.”

    When held horizontally, the wider screen really makes a difference. There would be a new “widescreen mode.” Videos can be MUCH larger, with no (or smaller) black bars. Safari can show more information with less side-to-side scrolling and zooming. Games can be more immersive. Complex apps like iMovie can be more productive. And since horizontal use is usually done with two hands on the current iPhone, there is no usability issue.

    Apple and developers would need to support this new mode, just as they supported the Retina Display. But existing apps that are not updated for widescreen mode would look and act exactly the same, using a portion of the screen that is identical to current iPhones.

    This change can be done without making the iPhone too much larger or heavier than the current iPhone 4S. It would have no impact on usability in vertical orientation, while providing significant benefits in horizontal orientation. And it would have the least impact on “fragmenting” the platform while giving iPhone a “4-inch” screen.

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