Apple to unveil smaller 7.85-inch iPad this year, says anonymous Samsung official

“Despite ongoing patent battles in the courts, Apple is planning to buy parts worth a record $11 billion from Samsung Electronics this year, an official from Apple’s one Korea-based parts supplier said Sunday,” Kim Yoo-chul reports for The Korea Times.

“‘The amount of the current contract is around $9.7 billion,’ the official said, adding that the popularity of Apple products lines the pockets of Samsung as well. He said that the amount may go up to $11 billion, depending on the demand for Apple products,” Kim reports. “The official asked not to be identified, which is not surprising.”

Kim reports, “Apple will buy chips from Samsung for its new iPads with Long-Term Evolution (LTE). ‘The contract is expected to rise to $11 billion by the end of this year as Apple is planning to release a smaller iPad, probably with a 7.85-inch screen, and to sell more of its MacBook Air PCs using Samsung’s faster solid state drive (SSD) storage,’ the official said.”

“Apple’s new iPad is made using Samsung’s QXGA panels,” Kim reports. “Samsung’s biggest rivals, local competitor LG Display and Japan’s Sharp aren’t ready to supply the panels as a result of manufacturing problems, said market research firm IHS iSuppli.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. Anyone can repeat this rumor – but it’s completely worthless without adding how Apple is going to handle the software.

    If Apple fragments the App store with the new iPad category, how will they incentivize developers to support yet another screen size?

    If Apple doesn’t fragment the App store, how will they deal with the usability nightmare of every touch area being a quarter of its original size? (Leaving a usability nightmare like this in place might fly at MS, but not with Apple.)

    There probably are clever solutions to these problems. Any new rumor about an iPad mini should at try to describe how these software issues will be dealt with or else be relevant.

    1. So you find the teeny little screen on an iPhone or Touch totally impossible to use, then?
      If you can’t cope with the idea of an iPad the size of a decent paperback book, then coping with a device the size of an iPhone is gonna really fuck with your head, isn’t it, bright boy!

      1. You apparently are unaware of the fact that the UI for iPad apps are very different from those on the iPhone, even though they aim to accomplish the same tasks for the customer.

        This is readily apparent upon first-launch for each of the built-in apps such as Mail, Calendars, and Music (née iPod)

        It would thus appear that you have never seen so much as a screenshot from both devices – which would render your comment as either totally uninformed and therefore worthless, or deliberately obtuse and therefore worthless.

        1. There are a great deal of things that Rorschach isn’t aware of and those things would fill many thousands of volumes. We have to applaud Rorschach for his bravery for posting here on MDN and letting the world know exactly how much he knows. I would also like to offer him kudos for using grown up language without resorting to expletives and foul language. It is a wonderful improvement.

          By the way, this rumour is a plant by Samsung to prime the pump for their own medium sized screen iPad wannabe. If Apple is to produce a medium sized device, it will likely be a remote controller for the TV.

      2. iPhone and iPod apps are great, as long as they are single column and have large easy to touch buttons. That’s why apps for those devices are all designed in that particular style!

        But iPhone apps don’t scale up well on an iPad – they are at least functional, but the single column, giant button, enlarged text designs lead to wasted space and an underwhelming experience. Scaling down an iPad app is even worse – text that was hard to read becomes impossible to read, buttons become too small for fingers to touch accurately, which will functional interfaces no longer functional.

        It’s a design fallacy to think that just because something works in one size, it will work exactly the same way when scaled up or shrunk down. This is what made the invention of the airplane such a perilous task – a small model airplane might fly easily, but a scaled up recreation of the exact same model would just crash. Even today, airplanes of different sizes require unique designs, because the same designs don’t work on different scales. Ants and small lizards can walk up walls and ceilings easily, but larger animals cannot beat gravity by surface tension alone. Newtonian Physics can explain the movement of any object – except for really small objects like electrons that follow Quantum physics, and really large objects that follow General Relativity. The laws of physical reality itself differ based on size!

        On touch screens, I think the problem is a bit more obvious – The display can be shrunk down, but the human finger and human retina remain just as big, so apps designs must change based on physical size.

    2. iPad2 apps resolution will be automatically smaller on retina display without even doing anything on it. So yes, it is possible to have smaller retina display iPad with the same apps as iPad2.

    3. If Apple chose to pursue a smaller iPad form factor, then I assume that they would use the same number of pixels as the iPad 2 (1024×768). Most existing iPad applications would probably work well on an 8″ display with little or no modification.

      I don’t know whether or not Apple will market a smaller iPad, and it is hubris to think that you know.

  2. I think this samsung source is confusing a Samsung knockoff for an Apple product.

    Samsung has mastered the art of cloning to the point that their own employees aren’t sure if they are building an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tablet of some kind.

  3. That size would make good remotes and gaming devices for the new AppleTV that would be running iOS apps and SIRI voice for the TV controller. It would also be sold as accessory iOS device for multiple players and also be the Killer to all those e-readers that Amazon is dumping at an $80 loss on the market while honoring Steve Jobs comments on the size.

    I am in on that size in the living room.

    1. not a bad idea for a remote.
      Not sure a full 7-8″ is needed though, but something like a 5″ screen with a ir lens would be nice.

      I saw a guy walking around with one of those 5″ “phones” last night. I almost laughed at him, but ended up feeling sorry for him. He was like 5′ 8″ and had to use two hands to use the screen. It was huge in his hands.
      But as a remote in my living room? I like the idea.

    1. Have to agree. iPodTouch is nice but rather tiny.
      I wonder what scores higher in rating with users of the device:

      – Music
      – Video
      – Gaming
      – Browsing
      – Social network
      – Messaging

      If more use the device mostly for Music and Messaging then the device is sized right.

      If the device is considered more for Video, Gaming and Browsing a 7″ wide x 4″ iPadMini would seem a right choice.

      Anything bigger well the iPad has that covered.

      So yeah, I think BLN is right – Apple could use a size in-between.

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