Apple, get your carbon footprint off my neck

“I love Apple. I have several Apple computers, an iPad and an iPhone. I’m a long time stockholder and I’ve always made money investing in Apple. Steve Jobs was obviously a terrific visionary but he spent 9 months after being diagnosed with cancer treating it with a special diet, a very sad lapse of judgment,” Norman Rogers writes for American Thinker. “The presence of the global warming propagandist on his board of directors, Al Gore, must be counted as another lapse of judgment. Ron Johnson, now the CEO of JC Penny, is the genius that built Apple’s phenomenal retail chain. Away from the gang at Apple, what does Johnson do? He makes the lesbian celebrity, Ellen DeGeneres, JC Penny’s spokeswoman. A noted lesbian as the spokesperson for a lower middle class department store?”

Rogers writes, “What is going on here? Surely there is plenty of arrogance at Apple. This is very worrying to some of us stockholders. Arrogance leads to mistakes. A big failure would damage the Apple mystique and quickly bring the stock down to earth.”

“Apple plays up its green side. It’s hard to know how much of this is sincere and how much is simply catering the segment of the population that is hooked on green superstitions. Certainly Apple wants to defuse crackpot environmental critics. By crackpot I mean Greenpeace,” Rogers writes. “Apple has built a new and massive data center near Maiden, North Carolina to support its iCloud service. Greenpeace complained that the center will be mostly powered by coal and nuclear electricity. Now Apple has announced that it will build a 20-megawatt solar electricity farm and a 5-megawatt biogas generating facility on the site.”

Rogers writes, “The way I see it is that Apple is throwing away $44 million of stockholder money to pacify delusional fans of green energy… Apple makes a big thing of limiting its carbon footprint. The CO2 emissions saved by Apple’s 5-megawatt solar plant is neutralized forever in less than a day by the fact that the Chinese are adding a new large coal generating plant every week. China is where Apple manufactures its products… Why does Apple make meaningless green gestures?”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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      1. Apple, STOP wasting money on the “GREEN” energy scam!!!!!! There is not such thing as “GREEN” energy. It is a scam by the LIbTRolls to steal our rights and money.

        1. If I get in my Prius and clench my Butt cheeks really, really tight, and try not to look at those mean conservatives in their SUVs I will be making a sthhhtatement! My life is meaningless and “saving” the planets from mean people maekths me feel really, really, spethal.

          1. Yes, an pseudoscientific stupid song means everything over real science. What a maroon you are.

            Obviously, you’re one of those creationists who think the world is only 6000 years old, because climate is measured over thousands of years. You’re using data from a singular data point, which is like assuming Apple is an incompetent company because one iPad has a cracked screen.

            Get a real education. You’re what’s wrong with the USA, uneducated low class mentality. You’re such an idiot.

            1. Your name says it all. OOOOOOOOHHHHH. Good one. The world is only 6,000 years old, oh no, you got us. Darn you win.

              Go to hell. You’re the reason CA is so effed up you complete and utter moron.

              The science is far from settled and only a brain washed nincompoop like you would be flailing at the wrists with that lame post you just made.

      2. No a nice German Golf TDI that gets a real world 45-50 MPG on the interstate @ 70MPH.

        How’s that big ass Amurrikin’ Pickup Truck/SUV doing at current fuel prices?

          1. I pass you truck drivers every day- the car was designed for the Autobahn. Hope you enjoy the second mortgage you took out to fuel your rolling phallic symbol.

        1. As I am ever pointing out:
          Stupid rules at both ends of the 1 dimensional political scale

          It takes village idiots to ruin a country. It doesn’t matter what Party TardTeat from which they suckle. Stupid is as stupid does.

            1. “Ok, now you’re middle of the road, interesting…….”

              No. I’m totally off your thought line.

              I consider the 1 dimensional political scale to be for people with IQs lower than 100 who cannot comprehend people thinking in more than 1 dimension.

    1. MDN must have dropped their standards considerably in order to post this right-wing propaganda “article”. Might as well have been written by the Republican party’s village idiot herself, Sarah “Drill, baby, drill!!” herself.

      And now, back to science and reality….

      1. Yes, the Liberal way to promote the environment is to give billions in taxpayer money to solar companies run by large Obama donors, who then drive the companies into bankruptcy, and who then award the final large governement subsidy payment to their execs who drive off into the sunset with tens of millions in bonus payments. That is Craig’s way to save the planet and he thinks he is smarter than Sarah Palin.

        1. Kent, many times when scientific issues come up, a number of people immediately start going on about ‘Libruls’. Why is that? Climate science isn’t in doubt in the scientific community. It’s only a certain media community who know they can make money by stirring up people about ‘Libruls’. As far as I can tell, not using more than we need and taking care of our world is deeply and fundamentally conservative.

          We’re going to have to figure out this energy vs climate problem. It won’t go away. But why not let Apple and other manufacturers try out a few ways to use a little less energy?

          1. Mikey said:

            “Climate science isn’t in doubt in the scientific community”.

            Are you drunk?!? That’s the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard. Ask almost any scientist; not the orgs they have to belong to in order to get published and who use their dues and names to support pseudo-science.

            1. Rick, no one doubts that there is climate change going on.

              What IS in doubt is whether, and how much of, that climate change is anthropogenic (man-caused). Opinions in the scientific community range from “none” to “all;” as usual, the truth is likely somewhere in the middle. For my part, if I can save money on gas by driving a hybrid, I’ll be happy to save that money. If it’s a toss-up in savings, but the hybrid has lower emissions, I’ll likely go with the hybrid. If it’s a toss-up across the board, I’ll go with the one that has lower maintenance costs.

            2. Rick, I’m not drunk. There’s no reason to be insulting. Sort of undermines whatever argument you might have. You’re probably referring to various lists of so-called scientists in opposition. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that almost none of those people are practicing scientists. Many of them don’t exist, and many others never signed such documents.

              As I said before, the scientific community is in broad agreement that climate change is real. There is also increasing convergence on the belief that it’s anthropogenic.

            3. You can ask me, not my specialty, but I work with climate scientists and see their in house presentations regularly. The jury is in — it is happening. As to anthropogenic change, work being carried out right now strongly indicates industrialization is to blame for most of what is happening. Also, I don’t know where you get your information, but one does not have to belong to any organization to get published–there is not a single professional journal that requires a membership as prerequisite for publication, and if an organization tried to pull such a stunt, no one would publish in it. There is a hierarchy among scientific publications akin to AA, AAA, and major league baseball, and it is difficult to make the majors, because the standards are higher. If any of the ranters would like to search for high quality science on the subject, see research being published in Nature (UK based) or Science (US based), these are two of the top journals covering physical and biological science, and medicine.

            4. It’s been proven that scientists faked the numbers to keep getting the grants that the politicians handed them…….. ClimageGate anyone?????

            5. Oh yes and you genius scientist are never reversing your findings ever, right? What about the rise in temperatures on other planets? What about the global cooling noted? It always comes back to a way to raise our taxes and steal our liberties. We don’t believe it any more.

            6. Rick is absolutely correct. The ‘left’ (notice I didn’t say Liberals) wants you to believe that the scientific community doesn’t doubt climate change (aka Global Warming). This is a perfect example of how the left-wing media shapes our perceptions by simply reporting what they want us to believe.

              I’ll let the Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change (International Climate Science Coalition) speak for itself. Google it. Bing it. Interweb it.

              Here’s a logic factoid of my own: We cannot look a a little over 100 years of recorded weather data for a planet that’s millions of years old and think we have a sample size large enough to understand long term climate changes.

            7. Rick I am a scientist and I have some projects in the area of global warming. Most scientists do believe that global warming is occuring. It has been said time and again, the issue is how much man is ACCELERATING it. I wish retards like Kent had the intelligence to not only understand that but to stop making everything a ‘liberal’ issue. Mother Nature doesn’t give a shit about your political leaning and she will send a tsunami to knock some sense into all of us if she is abused.

              RIght now, I look out my window and see the snow gone before we are even in the middle of March. I am in Canada for crying out loud. I learned we will be hitting temps of 18oC on the weekend. I have never seen this in my life and I am 56 years old.

              At the end of the day, sunlight provides us with unlimited energy. If we harness it, we reduce our dependence on coal and oil. Everyone winds. The ‘libs’ as many morons here put it will be happy as it will be good for the environment and the ‘Cons’ as other morons put it, will be happy because we do not have to depend on those miserable terrorists and America becomes great again.

            8. Hey Blister Commie,

              If Maobama let us build that Keystone Pipeline to bring in that Canadian OIL we wouldn’t be as dependent on Terrorists unless you’re trying to tell us something. Not to mention the enviro – nazis letting us drill more of the oil available in the US!

            9. Buster:

              Exactly. I’m conservative in my leanings but only an ideological fool would deny the reality of climate change, and mankind’s acceleration of the phenomenon. I also live in Vancouver, and to date, the sudden wind storm we had has blown the leaves off the trees. It feels like fall, in stead of spring, coupled with the rain, snow and hail we had this morning.

            10. I’m a liberal-progressive and I can tell you that after all of the news stories exposing the scientist lying to get more grant money there’s no way we will ever believe any of that nonsense again. I feel taken advantage of!

            11. @Climate Gate – Do what Pirate suggested and search it on the web. Four or five separate investigations have demonstrated no wrong doing and no violation of the of data. FOX report the initial incident but (as usual) never reported the retraction to the same audience, if the did it at all.
              @Pirate – Perhaps you should look Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change up. The conference you cite was sponsored by the Heartland Foundation, which counts among its projects working with the tobacco industry to disprove the link between smoking and lung disease. So you trust orgs that work for industries, but orgs run by scientists largely through voluntary contributions of time and money by those same scientists are completely suspect?
              @Pirate – There is a much longer record of climate than just 100 years. Stable isotope measurement of O, C, and S (there are others being used as well) extend the T record back 100’s of thousands of years, and allow the source and processes that cycle CO2 during those times to be known. Granted we have more detailed information for the last 100 years, but only where weather stations existed. The data density get better every year, and this fact is what led to the initial investigation into climate change.
              @True American – The US has 2% of known oil reserves we use 20% – drilling won’t make a dent. China and india are competing with the rest of the world to buy petroleum – it is capitalism: limited resource sought by many, ergo the price goes up.

      2. Have another sip of kool aid, Craig. When you are a millionaire and an ex-governor (or ex-ANYTHING, for that matter), then you can call her an idiot, not before.

      3. Science and reality 😉 Thats a good one!

        We put out so much CO2 between our factories, cars, and breathing. Those poor plants that use CO2 won’t know what to do.

        Liberal morons who can’t think for themselves and only vomit up what they’ve been fed probably still think oil is a fossil fuel. Go read some real science for a change. I suppos the ice age ended because early man breathed too much. We didn’t melt the ice. This planet is cyclical; it happens! Get a life!!

        1. Ok Rick, cyclical yeh? I am tempted to believe you, so can you tell me when was the last time that:

          The worlds population was 6.8 billion and growing fast? The rain forests were depleted by loggers and farmers to the extent they are today? When were there as many cars and trucks on the roads as today? When there were as many coal fired power stations as exist today? And when in history was oil consumption worldwide comparable to today?

          Just need to be convinced by some real statistics, see boyo!

        2. Aspects of the planet are cyclical over finite periods. Formation of most of the crust of the Earth was singular event; the crust now recycles, but will stop when radioactive heat generation declines to the point that mantle convection cannot be sustained. The the concentration of O in the atmosphere, which changed it from reducing to oxidizing was a singular event. Extracting C from the ground and putting in the atmosphere at rate we are now doing it, is a singular event that has never happened in the history of the planet.

    2. Versus the pro-climate guys that fake data ie or ?

      Apple should invest, regarding environmental technologies, in what makes best sense for Apple, NOT because of the demands of some whacko group pushing unresolved science with their extreme speculation as to its future effects. ie. Your company has to do this, this, this and this! Otherwise you’ll be put on our enemies list.

      Is the temp of the Earth rising? Possibly… but for man then to assume that he is the arbitrator for such and for man to be able to say we’ll rue the day if we don’t get solar cars and wind farms and do away with oil and well you get the point. That’s ludicrous! The Earth has been in transitional phases since its creation and long before man ever came along and yet the Earth seems to always ‘right itself’ and ‘clean itself up’. Take the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980… No man involved there!…

      And I love this sentence from the article… “But scientists now saw that nature went to work almost immediately trying to repair that damage, and now 30 years on, they’re frankly amazed.”

      1. America should research cleaner coal burning technologies. It is the richest resource in USA and would make greater sense to burn coal in a greener manner.

        1. Yes, cleaner burning coal would run those coal burning Chevy Volts (actual cost about $250,000 per car with subsidies) even cleaner. But why do environmentalists promote coal burning cars?…

          1. Good point – but why do you reflect on cars? The article is referring to energy converted to electricity for the mothership to power the Data Farm and going green with that.

            Do you connect your car to power your home?
            Didn’t think so.

            But since you are focused on cars, you might connect your home to charge your car – if you drive a hybrid.
            Didn’t think so also.

      2. Try looking here:

        Eight committees investigated the allegations and published reports, finding no evidence of fraud or scientific misconduct.[14] The Muir Russell report stated, however, “We do find that there has been a consistent pattern of failing to display the proper degree of openness, both on the part of CRU scientists and on the part of the UEA.”[15][16] The scientific consensus that global warming is occurring as a result of human activity remained unchanged at the end of the investigations.[17]

    3. In other words, Republicans with head up ass. Flat-earthers. Sheer BS. Will even stoop to attacking Steve Jobs to defend their political ideology. Al Gore is not Apple, does not run Apple. But Apple is not the brainchild nor does it contain the DNA of Rush Toxic Slimeball Limbaugh.

      1. I hear one can get ads placed on Rush Limbaugh real cheap as there is no national advertising on his show…

        Waste would be taking anything on Faux Newz Channel, Rush, Beck, Hannity, NewsMax, etc seriously.

        From the content creation side, being a tool of the Koch brothers pays very well- ask the Republican Caucus in Congress.

            1. MAD COW, Keith Overbight, Communist News Network, EdCommieShchultz, Washington Compost, PMSNBC, ABC, NYSLIMES, Hollyweird, etc. Talk about breaking the rules and non stop lying. It always comes from liberals. Whatever a liberal tells you, you know it’s the opposite of the Diarrhea of the mouth that they are spewing.

            2. As the child of two Mensa members (one an MM), and the husband of another, I can tell you from experience that there are plenty of high-IQ morons in Mensa. HAVING intelligence is a long way away from USING intelligence, and many with a lower intelligence level use it far better than many with a higher level.

      2. Most of us would.

        The difference is that Apple will make around $44 million of clear profit in eight hours of today and around $150 million during the whole of today.

        That $44 million investment will probably have a lifespan of maybe 10 years, so the real cost is around $4.5 million in any one year. Which Apple will recover in around 45 minutes each year.

      3. Wise? Seriously? Please, stop it, my sides are splitting! America is noted for its shonky electricity supplies, brown-outs and cuts due to old, poor infrastructure being adversely affected by bad weather. Any company with an ounce of common sense, provided it has the funds, would do what Apple’s doing; reducing its dependence on the power grid as much as it possibly can. Only a complete half-wit like you and the writer in the original post can fail to understand such a simple concept.

        1. Horshack, the foreigner who complains about the US but won’t tell where it’s really from because it’s much worse in that hell of an arm pit of a country.

          You are the definition of foreign YUK!

  1. What a dork! Seriously. Apple is doing two things here. One they are building green.. making a statement that it can be done and Apple is leading the way.

    Two, they will be mostly independent of the grid. A power loss will not seriously affect them. Sounds like a plan to me. Plus, as power costs rise, theirs may actually drop (govt grants for going green etc).

    Just forward leaning thought here.

  2. Yeah Apple, and you’re throwing away profits by insisting on not hiring all the willing and able 8-year-olds in China who want jobs. But no, liberal do-gooders insist on child-labor laws. What about the stockholders, don’t we have rights too?

    1. I would assume he meant that a “lower middle class department store” shouldn’t bother doing anything that might be seen as controversial. However, I think it actually worked out well for them. Ellen seems to have handled the possible controversy like a pro and in the process gotten this “lower middle class department store” some good publicity.

    2. I believe his point is that using a lesbian as a spokesperson isn’t the best choice for a “lower middle class department store.”

      His point is that Johnson should probably use spokespeople that JCP’s target audience can identify with the most.

      Not that Ellen isn’t popular, but there are probably better choices. Not Rosie, either.

      How many potential shoppers is JCP alienating by using Ellen? Think middle America, not the northeast and west coasts.

            1. The rule of thumb with the Cons is they usually have issues with the exact things they rant about.
              For example, a well known Baptist preacher in Alabama that worked closely with Moral Majority that ranted about homosexuality was found dead in his basement. He was hanging in a rubber suit with a dildo where the sun didn’t shine…
              Sadly , that is fairly common with Republicans. Ask Rush.

            2. Three boys were sent down to the principles office for fight during recess. Buddy the tallest, Kenny the oldest and Alfa the youngest.

              When it came to their punishments the principle lined them up in order from shortest to tallest… and said,

              “Now, you three boys, Alfa, Kenny, Buddy…” and before she could finish the three were laughing their heads off.

        1. Who cares about lesbians and gays???? Why do you people have to constantly broadcast your sexual conquests to the world 24/7. We don’t give a crap. Keep it to yourselves. No one wants to know about it. We don’t need to know about heterosexual conquests 24/7 either. Go enjoy yourself and keep it to yourselves.

          There are so many more important issues going on, like saving the US and planet from out of control LIberalism which is designed to “Prorgress” into an all out Hell of Communist-Marxist-Dictatorship misery. Stop the brainwashed fools now before they hurt all of us. Vote them all out this November!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. No matter what, in any relationship there is a dominant part and a passive part. The role of conquering is described as a male quality, while the acceptance of the pursuit is rather a female quality.


          A lesbian is a woman whos’ sexual preference is a desire for the female; yet this never comes to realization, for a compromise with another lesbian is always the resulting occurrence. In the case where a lesbian conquers/converts a straight female (that in which a lesbian seeks), the straight woman essential becomes a lesbian also; hence the conceptual dream is nullified.

          In the cases where same sex marriages are working, the dominant and passive roles still remain. People find acceptance and the feeling of belonging (from within who they are) when in love and it is more about this, then the nature and drive of the sexual preference.

          1. “No matter what, in any relationship there is a dominant part and a passive part. The role of conquering is described as a male quality, while the acceptance of the pursuit is rather a female quality.”

            You lost me at “I’m a screaming retard”.

            1. No C1: I am not calling you a retard. And I certainly don’t think you are calling me one. No heavens.

              My comment is with no relation really to the JCPenny sponsor or Ellen. Just commented based on Reading, “You’ve only heard of two lesbians ?” – My comment was out of touch and uncalled for.

              Yet, i was stating, that sexual preference is less about the sex drive and more about acceptance and living a life with another human being.

            1. Actually Dr. Phil is right. I’m a lesbian and that’s exactly what always happens to me. Doesn’t that happen to you too ChrissyOne?

            2. Well Thank God we have C1, defender and authority on anything LGBTQandsometimesY to make sure we never deviate from the accepted schools of thought regarding human sexuality.

              I mean, seriously, who knows, maybe we’ll have to start thinking for ourselves and start doing our own research or something.

            3. Hi, I’m Debby and I got this thing for Adriana Lima.
              I keep fantasying about giving her a Brazilian Waxing.
              But guess I will need to be more assertive like Marko to score someone like her.

            4. Did you all not get this part..?

              “No matter what, in any relationship there is a dominant part and a passive part.”

              No matter what? In any relationship?
              That’s what I took issue with. Sure did cause a stir, tho.

            5. Hey hun, whatever the issue. I ain’t seeing no question marks, babe. Sure wasn’t the roundest articulation of words but made sense nevertheless. I got the D’s just.

              Maybe the Dr. requires to self medicated?
              Still, “dominant partner and passive partner”, would make for clarity; not part.

    3. One of the reasons that I’ve always respected Ellen DeGeneris is that she really doesn’t make a big public deal about her sexual preference, and when she talks about it at all it’s generally humor at her own expense. She is a comedienne, and that’s pretty much how she acts; she’s not a GLBT activist. I don’t have to be in favor of special rights for homosexuals to appreciate her humor, and it’s wrong to condemn someone for something that they (ostensibly) have no control over, or that they follow through faith. And I’m a conservative, a registered Republican, and I listen on occasion to Rush, Hannity and Levin.

    4. Yeah, I love how that conservative boycott of JCP turned out after they announced Ellen as their spokesperson. So many people turned out to support Ellen that JCP set sales records, and the boycott was called off in about a week. Rational people don’t care that Ellen is a lesbian. I’d say Johnson knows what he’s doing.

      But more to the point, what does that have to do with Apple and its green initiatives? Not all Apple shareholders feel the way you do about this. I know I don’t. If Apple is too “Liberal” for you sell your shares and invest in an oil company or something.

      1. It has everything to do with destroying American Family Values. Make the government the Parent. And demonize everyone and anyone that doesn’t go lock step along like good little liberal nazis.

        1. I would think Newt Gingrich has done his bit to destroy American Family Values.

          Along with conservative judges who beat their daughters with a belt.

          Or disgraced preachers who practice the very thing they profess to hate.

        1. Libtards hate WalMart because it hasn’t been destroyed by Unions yet. I don’t like shopping at WalMart but it provides a great service to many of the people Libtards claim to speak for. Loser LIberal SCUM!

  3. What Ron Johnson does is no longer a concern to an Apple investor. The fact that the author tries to tie that into Apple’s “arrogance” itself is grounds for dismissing the entire article.

    Maybe, just maybe, Norman can let Apple run the company for a while. They’ve been doing a pretty decent job lately. Of course, Norman is entitled to his screedy little hitpieces, but that’s all this is. Sort of like the clown who wrote that Apple’s brand was “unraveling” because Tim Cook’s shirt was untucked at the New iPad keynote. People love to nip at Apple’s heels in the pursuit of the almighty pageview.

    1. Seriously. This makes me puke. What is wrong with Gay people? The same comments were no doubt prevalent back in 50s when the first black baseball player stepped to the plate. This guy is a pig. Ellen has talent, personality and has more class in her pinky than this bigot has in his entire body.

  4. Wow. Went to the site and its all super right leaning junk.

    Lead is not bad for you, mercury is not bad for you, the polar ice caps are not melting…. … don’t watch that guy behind the curtain (wizard of oz)…

    And the comments all match that “Apple makes ok products, that I will not buy, and I hate their guts, but that is beside the point…” stuff.

    Just a weird site if you ask me.


    1. And you don’t drive a car because it uses the evil oil, which is destroying the planet, right? And you don’t fly on jets or use power from nuclear or coal powered plants, right? Because you are a Leftist and you live your beliefs.

      1. What a weak reply, Kent. We need better choices. The use of fossil fuels is f’ing up our planet. That’s not a theory. Does that mean we simply stop driving gas-powered cars right now? Of course not. We need better choices for energy. And it takes company’s like Apple to help move that industry forward. You sound like someone who stands on the sidelines — critiquing — and you don’t even try to make a difference.

      2. What a great reply Kent!!!!! You hit the nail on the head. Liberals gone wild. Completely out of control. They are all brain washed, lemmings, on commie auto-pilot. Pathetic. Losers. Scum.

    1. “American Thinker = Teabagger nonsense.”

      You mean you don’t think:
      1- Our 4-5,000 year old earth was created by gawd in 6 days before he took a siesta.
      2- Gawd performed the first sex change operation by making Eve out of Adam’s rib?
      3- That Dinosaurs didn’t share the earth with the peeps in Genesis?
      4- Evolution is just an unproven theory?
      5- Our President, who got married in and raised his children in a Christian Church, is actually a secret muslim born in Kenya?

      Shocking, simply shocking!!!

      1. Obama wasn’t raised in a Christian Church. He was raised in a building of people lead by Jeremiah Wright. You can see the videos on Yutube. It is clearly not a Christian Church.

  5. Also, anyone else notice that all the Apple bashing articles include something to the effect of “I’m a huge Apple fan and own several of their devices” as if such a statement can inoculate the author from the inevitable flood of douchebaggery that follows it?

    1. Totally agree. Many blogs are like this. I think that this is being “duplicitous” – meaning marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another. Unfortunately many do not see thru this, and accept these people as being truly sincere.

  6. you just don’t get it apple plan was to go green a long time ago,it will also save apple money because they will not have to get there power from nobody else.we will all be going that way sooner or later so grow up and smell the coffee

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