Apple’s new iPad making waves in video game market; Apple TV eyed

“Apple Inc’s faster and sharper-looking new iPad is drawing the notice of the traditional video game industry, as developers are envisioning games for it that have more in common with the visceral 3D shooter ‘Call of Duty’ than ‘FarmVille,'” Liana B. Baker reports for Reuters. “The company is also setting itself up to take on Microsoft and Sony on their home turf of game consoles.”

“From Electronic Arts to ‘Crysis’ developers Crytek, industry executives are figuring out ways to migrate graphics-intensive so-called hardcore games to the iPad. Epic Games and Namco Bandai took the stage at Apple’s iPad unveiling this week to show off what they can do with an iPad that has a faster quad core processor,” Baker reports. “With more than 55 million iPads sold to date, including 15.43 million last quarter, the tablet is quickly catching up to the number of consoles on the market: the PlayStation 3 has sold 62 million units and Xbox 360 has moved more than 65 million units. That growing user base is drawing developers who want to see their games played on as many devices as possible.”

“‘Apple is definitely building their devices as if they care a lot about ‘triple-A’ games,’ said Mike Capps, president of Epic Games, the studio behind ‘Gears of War’ for consoles and ‘Infinity Blade’ for the iPad,” Baker reports. “Capps, who has appeared on stage at all three of Apple’s iPad launches, said he is trying to push the console manufacturers, Sony and Microsoft, to come out with more powerful devices so they do not get left behind. On Wednesday, he told the crowd in San Francisco the new iPad has better screen resolution and more memory than Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation.”

Baker reports, “Apart from the iPad, Apple’s fledgling TV product is also being watched closely by video game companies. Hudson Square analyst Dan Ernst said he doubts the iPad will affect console sales, but said an Apple TV with an app store could one day pose a viable threat.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I’ve got a new iPad on order for my wife’s birthday present, and decided to order an Apple TV at the same time, so really do hope that it does gain an App store.

    The question though is what would the controller be? Hopefully Apple will come up with something very cool!

  2. An iDevice as a default controller is good but not the best for die hard gamers. Open that market up to 3rd parties & use the faster Bluetooth 4.0 & maybe even an Apple controller priced less than $49 or even better 2 for $49 & your friends can join in with their iDevices. Having more than one controller on hand when your friends stop by to play a multiplayer game is always an issue for most console gamers, at least it was back when those games became popular in retro times with the N64 for example.

  3. Gamelet and iCade are two companies that are already producing Bluetooth iphone/ ipod touch cases for gameplay. Apple could easily build a gaming controller case that works even better than those on the market. Then through screen mirroring on the AppleTV… walla you have yourself a game consel.

  4. I AirPlay some Games through mirroring from my 4s to ATV2 it’s pretty amazing but for the hardcore gamers it will never catch on unless there is some revolutionary new way to control it. You simply can’t replace a controller that has physical buttons as I frequently find my fingers drifting away from the buttons as I don’t know where they are if I can’t feel them. Now if your with a bunch of friends playing on the iPad its nice cuz then they can all see what your doing without having to be huddled around you, they just simply watch your tv. But with the 3.1 million pixels the iPad offers I wouldn’t want to stream it anywhere else anyway. I don’t even think my 1080p tv could make it look as clear

  5. Where’s dude mcfarland?

    I told him so.

    Soon, apple will eclipse console hardware, and then quickly pull away from a competitive space to a dominating position. Consoles have a refresh period of way too long in the technology arena.. over 6 years? It’s pathetic. Plus, they change the software radically, so it’s an all new process. Sony is especially bad.

    Apple TV refreshes are only $99. You end up refreshing your phone as a phone anyways- so apple can only get more amazing.

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