3 new reasons Apple will scorch its rivals this year

“Now that the new iPad is here and everyone and his brother is salivating to buy one, there is much talk about how Apple dominates the tablet market,” Amanda Alix writes for The Motley Fool. “A recent survey by InMobi showed that almost 30% of those responding were planning to buy the new iPad, and that more than half of those people didn’t already own a tablet. That’s pretty impressive loyalty to a brand that these consumers haven’t even owned yet.”

Alix writes, “New iPads aside, there have been a few developments in the computer and gadget world that could very well increase Apple’s market share over the next several months.”

• Component costs for computers are rising: Forward-thinking bunch that they are, R&D teams at Apple replaced hard drives long ago in favor of flash, regardless of cost. Now, they will reap the rewards.

• Labor costs in China are rising: Apple, with its much plumper profit margins, could actually choose to absorb the cost. Of course, since it seems that zealous customers will pay just about any price to have the latest and greatest from Apple, that may not be necessary.

• Reduced price on iPad 2 will upset the tablet market: There is now a mere $200 between the Kindle Fire and an iPad. An iPad.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “David E.” and “GetMeOnTop” for the heads up.]


      1. Put another way…

        The iPad killer feature vs the Kindle Fire (and most other iPad clones) is that after using it for an hour, you don’t want to stab someone.

      1. “You don’t feel its a worthy item, try a BunchBerry Gaybook.”

        Any poor schmuck, who feels that this is how they need to refer to a phone is a very pathetically, small person indeed.

    1. If you are willing to lose $120.99 on a flaming Kindle on Fire without thinking; then consider the price of an iPad2 an actual value at $279.99.

      399.99 – (120.99 unwisely spent) = 279.99 actually cared to pay

  1. What’s really going to hurt the rivals are all those recently sold iPads sold by recent users so they can upgrade. All those reseller market iPads will likely be bought by all those consumers who don’t wish to pay full price for an iPad and now they’ve got a shot at getting one. I’m sure a year-old iPad 2 won’t have too much wear and tear on it internally. There are going to be a lot of passed-down iPads in the hands of consumers and the iOS ecosystem will continue to flourish from those users. It looks like another perfect storm for Apple.

  2. 3 reasons this year will show volatility and will start a down turn for Apple

    1 release of ipad 3: nothing significantly new 4g LTE, high screen pixilation. Please I can bet 95% of the time that device will be on 3g or regular 4g. Not worth the upgrade smart electronic shoppers will wait to upgrade and that will make them more likely to try a different device that enters the market and there’s going to be some really good device coming to launch in the next 2 months that’s going to give the ipad a run.

    2 apple has dominated the mobile market but still has not utilized the growth potential of its market segment just more the 1/3 of that market segment is actually being used up by apple and its competitors so there is enormous growth apple has not captured yet. Because a lot of consumers would like to have ipad but not looking to break the bank for it and are not satisfied with the lower price option device makers are going to turn up the juice on apple offering more powerful device less the price. Windows phone is looking really good been using the HTC Titan since December have not experience one crash or freeze can’t wait for a windows tablet been waiting for years.

    3 same old styling is getting really dull. And competitors are offering more powerful capable device. Apple sure knows how to rip off some dumb asses pocket offering 4g after so much people break the bank to be first time ipad owners. Am working with more than a dozen of them and they got the then top model. Some of them don’t sound like they want to buy another apple product feel like apple fuck then cause they only got it for 2 or 3 months.

    1. You are serious, aren’t you?! I can certainly understand why a couple of months without a crash or freeze would amaze a Windows user. I don’t even remember the last time I experienced a crash or freeze, but I would bet big money that a Microsoft application was involved…

      The “same old styling” is only a couple of years old, and everyone else has tried to copy it. I guess that makes everything else a “replica of the same old styling.”

      iPod –> Zune
      iPhone –> Various Android phones, particularly Samsung and HTC
      iPad –> Galaxy Tab and the rest (Samsung again)

      Power does not mean much if you can’t use it, the battery drains a short period of time, or if the power is wasted before it reaches the user. A “powerful” Windows or Android device is like a 1000 HP race car with a Chevy Vega transmission running on subcompact tires. It makes a lot of noise, but very little of that power makes it to the ground. It putters along slowly, at best, and is likely to break down at any second. If it gets you where you want to go (today), then you are satisfied (and highly relieved).

      Let’s wait for a year and see how things stand, shall we?

      1. You are serious, aren’t you?! apple need people like you. Blond, stupid, troll the only ones going on crazy for apple products.
        Apple don’t copy when they can steel and get away with it buy redefining the product

        mp3 –> ipod
        iTunes –> Musicmatch
        iphone –> blackberry / palm
        app store —> they tried to patent that and it’s been around for numerous device that predate the ipod, ipad, iphone.

        apple has hundreds of invention that I does not make money off but it makes Billion off the inventions of companies that move technology forward by redefining there invention and push it as a new product. They do a good job even I will admit to that. buy out the patents.

        Apple devices DON’T have the best battery life for mobile device
        Go figure that out. BLOND, STUPid, Troll !!!!

    2. I don’t know about all the rest of you guys, but I myself LOVE people like Jexhu… They make me happy. Why? Not just because they are comedic relief. In the game of life, these people spot us points. Lots of points. I’ve got a big lead, as soon as we show up to play. I love it. They are our competitive advantage. Thank you Jexhu. You allow me to save my energy, and still win.

  3. @Jexhu
    Are you wearing your clown costume again?
    This misbehavior isn’t funny and No you are not getting the new iPad you have been asking for. Now go to your room. Take the makeup off also.

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