Apple’s new iPad packs 1GB RAM, says sources

“There were a lot of hardware specs bandied about at this morning’s iPad event: an A5X processor with quad-core graphics, a 2048 x 1536 Retina Display, and LTE,” Bryan Bishop reports for The Verge.

“One piece of information that wasn’t mentioned, however, was RAM,” Bishop reports. “Sources have informed us that Apple’s latest has indeed received an upgrade in that area as well, and will ship with 1GB of RAM — double that of its predecessor… [and] the original iPad [featured] just 256MB of RAM.”

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MacDailyNews Take: That 256MB RAM made the original iPad a maddening experience at times. Constant browser redraws made working between multiple tabs a nightmare. With 512MB of RAM, iPad 2 solved that issue for the most part, so iPad 3 ought to be quite the eye-opening experience for those who chose to stick with their original iPads and wait for the 3rd-generation unit. As it is, iPad 3 will blow the socks off iPad 2 users, so original iPad owners are in for a particular treat.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. The reason Apple does not emphasize “specs” is that they are no longer a sure indication of how the device will function. Seamless integration between hardware & software and efficiency will trump specs…and Apple knows this. They let others wage the spec wars.

    1. Love the sarcasm.

      The “specs-are-the-only-thing-that-matters” crowd always finds something to bitch about, right BLN, aka “Stockboy”? In a few months, we’ll see him pissing and moaning because iPad doesn’t have 2 GBs of RAM.

      1. You’re kidding, right? 2 gig really would have been sweet. Doesn’t matter what product, Apple has always been RAM light on its products.

        Since they have such a highpriced opinion of the value of their own RAM, low RAM Macs were fine, we could add our own third party. No such option exists with the iPad, so yeah, I would rather have had 2 gig and be done with it.

        1. You either don’t know or have forgotten that RAM draws power at all times to maintain state. The more RAM the shorter the battery life. You don’t have the luxury of simply applying more RAM in a mobile device, and Apple isn’t being cheap in limiting it.

          1. Didn’t forget, just a tradeoff I would be willing to make, if possible. Apple isn’t willing, and thats OK. It won’t stop me from getting the iPad (Early 2012 Retina HD 3)

    1. The WOW starts n…….. er, um, wait, wrong catch phrase

      How about March 8th 2012? AZ is right, lots of people/haters/ anal-istas will find lots of things to kvetch about.

        1. LOL! you just had to mention Beverly Hills………. This is what was running in my head

          Come listen to a story ’bout a man named Jed. you know the rest so join in!

    2. I already started the rumours in the earlier thread. Fourth generation iPad will have:
      1) A6 SoC with 2 * Cortex A15 cores and multicore SGX 6 series GPU;
      2) 2 GB of RAM;
      3) better cameras.

      After than, I am out of ideas. ;))

      And, Apple will continue producing iPad 2s for low price markets. Possibly cutting the price from $399 to $299 next year.

      1. Out of ideas? How about a deathray, like the Russian spy that ended up on Gilligans Island? Ok, his deathray was in a pocketknife, and not an iPad but still, how cool would that be?

        1. Nice one, almost ended up with the ray i was thinking….
          Infra red for using as a remote with older home theater systems…
          Kill your television !!! (with one click of the virtual power button on the iPad interface !-)

  1. “1GB of RAM is still rather modest considering Macs ship with 4GB. And a 1 TB SSD would mean a $2,000 iPad.”
    My G4 PowerBook came with 500Mb RAM, which I bumped to 1Gb. When I asked about an extra gig, I was told it would cost £800 as a custom build, and did I need it anyway? I was doing serious layered Photoshop work on that, so what’s the problem with 1Gb on the Pad.

  2. I’m one of those iPad 1 owners who skipped the 2 for the “new iPad,” and yes I’m expecting it to be all the more mind blowing for me without those constant Safari reloads.

    On another note, iOS 5.1 has restored the iPad 1 to a stable experience. It was getting to a point where I couldn’t do anything without apps crashing constantly, especially Safari, and now I’m back to browsing the web at a stellar pace.

    And hopefully those of you who once shunned automatic software updates without the use of a computer when iOS couldn’t do it now see how foolish you sounded. There is nothing better than updating iOS with a few screen taps rather than plugging it into a Mac.

  3. Why is it that Apple don’t bother to list the RAM spec for the new iPad? What is so secret about the included RAM spec?! It’s called “Technical Specifications”.

    So fork over ALL the technical specifications DAMMIT! 😕

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