iOS 5.1 Gold Master passes Apple’s QA; release imminent, source says

“The Gold Master build of iOS 5.1 has been in a vigorous quality assurance phase for the past three weeks, with extensive testing being done internally by Apple as well as by various carriers/partners,” Chronic Wire reports.

“Apple is not signing the Gold Master firmware on their external servers yet,” Chronic Wire reports. “This means that leaked screenshots can only come from a device that belongs to someone geniunely testing the firmware, so they are probably going to be hard to find until official release, which should be in the coming days.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Batten down the hatches! There’s a lot coming our way very soon!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Judge Bork” and “Andrew Wolniak” for the heads up.]

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  1. Wish the iPhone 5 would come out…….we are do for new phones and would like to get the latest iPhone. Been carrying the HTC Incredible for 2 years now. Our upgrade month is April, but will probably never see an iPhone released at that time. Seems to be July or October time frame.

  2. – Siri is no longer beta

    – iPad3

    – AppleTV is not what we expected

    – iSlate is a self-recognizing device
    8″w x 4″h iPadHD / virtual keyboard/
    dvr&tv-remote / game central control unit

    – iOS 5.1 & 10.8 show cased

    – availability by March 16th

    YES a big show.

  3. All I care about is them fixing the abysmal music player. I can’t maintain the custom sorting I have for my playlists. I have a Newly Added playlist that sorts according to most recently added and iOS 5 refuses to display them in the same order. Beyond aggravating. They also need to ditch the covere art playlist format. I don’t use my iPad to look at my music, I use it to listen to my music. The cover art is not related to the name of the playlist so I have to fight my way through all the color to see the names. I will probably not upgrade if 5.1 doesn’t fix this.

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