Apple TV now almost entirely sold out worldwide

“Checks through the online Apple Store in the US and abroad has shown that both retail and some online availability has almost disappeared entirely for the current-generation Apple TV,” Electronista reports.

“The US store still lists the Apple TV as in stock, but Canada, France, Germany, and others now show a rare one- to two-day shipping delay,” Electronista reports. “The UK is showing two to four days. Resellers are known to have run out weeks earlier.”

Electronista reports, “While it’s unclear if anything will be in stores immediately after the March 7 event, an Apple TV replacement is now near-certain to make an appearance at the San Francisco presentation.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. …gathering dust on warehouse shelves, cobwebs clinging to unsold merchandise, where the MayTag repairman also spends his lonely time, where unloved items go to their final rest, where weak technology has been created but not asked for, where the consensus of broad opinion is “it’s crap, I’d have have the real deal for about the same money…”

  1. I have a friend who works at Apple. He got a new Apple TV fro his job last week and it’s not like the current ones. When he started it up for the first time, it had Siri’s voice asking if he wanted to use Voice Over to set up the Apple TV. I asked him if this was some new model and he just grind slyly at me. I don’t know any more about it but there is some kind of change coming.

        1. Yes my 2nd gen ATV did gave a verbal command at first boot.
          In fact, it scared me one night after an unsucessful jailbrake attemp forced me to return the ATV back to factory default via iTunes. A voice issued out a command/question out of no way.

  2. Oh why didn’t I wait to buy my Apple TV? Guess I could put this one in the guest bedroom and put the new on in the den with the plasma. Hope the new one is only a hundred bucks too.

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