Apple dominates tablet market with 73% share; no significant challengers seen

More than 112 million Americans — one-third of the US adult population — will own a tablet by 2016 according to a new Forrester Research report released today.

With Apple reportedly set to announce its next-generation iPad tomorrow, the Forrester report shows no significant Android challenger to Apple’s dominance of the tablet market: Our latest consumer survey shows Apple with a 73% market share; no other brand has more than a 6% market share. When we asked consumers which brand of tablet they are considering buying, 61% said Apple, while 24% named Amazon.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple leads. All others follow at a great distance. As usual.

“Price is becoming a more important factor in tablet choice. But it’s not the only factor or even the primary one,” writes Forrester Senior Analyst Sarah Rotman Epps in a statement. “Forrester’s data shows that the top reason consumers don’t buy tablets isn’t because of price or technology — it’s because they say ‘I don’t think I need it.’ It’s about the services — what you can do with the device, which is why Apple, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble have succeeded in the US where pure hardware plays have failed.

Epps continued, “In 2012, disruptive product strategies stand the best chance of winning. Whether it will or not, we think Apple should launch a smaller, cheaper iPad to ward off competition from Amazon. We think Amazon should combat Apple by licensing its platform to other hardware OEMs. And we think OEMs like Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung, and HTC should abandon pure Android in favor of Windows, at least in the US.”

Read more of Rotman’s analysis here.

Source: Forrester Research, Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: Nobody wants pretend iPads. They want real iPads.


  1. Oh great! Amazon can license their platform to other vendors so they too can lose money on every tablet shipped, but with no additional revenues from future media purchases.

    1. RIGHT!
      I’m sure Amazon would joyfully give the damn thing to any other OEM, but really, other than Dell, which one would be stupid enough to do it?

      This writer is an OBVIOUS DORK, on a perpetual brain freeze.

  2. In no way is this a scientific conclusion on my part but I have yet to see any tablet other than an iPad anywhere in public, on TV, or anywhere except store shelves. I wonder if this figure of 73 percent includes tablets shipped but not yet sold?

    One thing about iPads in the wild that I have noticed is that here in Toronto, about 10 percent of them are being used with languages other than English. A waitress in a sushi bar told me that she regularly uses her iPad2 to keep in touch with her family in Korea. I noticed a young lady typing an email in Chinese characters on a streetcar.

      1. A friend of mine has a Galaxy Tab. He bought it because he thought that the ipad was incompatible with his PC..dork! Still it seems like a nice piece of hardware minus the Apple ecosystem. I imagine they will sell a few of them.

    1. Supershuttle uses 7″ Android tablets in their vehicles to manage pickups, reservations, and payments – their system seems like a really good deployment of the 7″ form factor.

      I have seen a couple of Android tablets on airplanes recently, and you have to look very hard to see that they are not iPads.

      Something tells me, however, that using an Android tablet for any length of time would make glaringly obvious they are not iPads.

  3. Yeah I love my iPad to do fun stuff, but seriously.

    I remember when in Mac OS Finder 1.0 we could only have one program open. Then came the Multifinder, where we could have more than one program open in different windows.

    Wow, what a paradigm shift that was…

    So how do we end up back in Finder 1.0 again?

    1. Differences:
      – iOS apps can autosave and resume right where you left off. Finder 1 you had to manually save and quit.
      – iOS apps don’t have menubars, or windows. At best you have tabs like in Safari.

      On the iPhone/iPod touch there’s no logical reason for overlapping windows from different apps–the screen is too small. An argument could be made for the iPad because its screen is bigger, but you don’t see anyone on an Playbook or Android tablet with a GPS/map app side-by-side with a video player or notepad on the screen, even if they’re theoretically capable of doing it.

      Please provide an example where multi-window multitasking is practical in a mobile tablet.

      1. The 9.7″ iPad screen is slightly bigger than the 9″ screen of the original Mac / Mac Classic.

        Just sayin’.

        Don’t even think about comparing CPU power or RAM and disk space. The iPad blows away the 1980s vintage Macs.

  4. Sounds like what a lot of us predicted – the iPad will be a lot more like the iPod in terms of dominance, and less like the iPhone (where the carriers distort the market, creating artificial parity with Android to serve their own ends).

  5. You’re giving a link to Epps?!?

    That’s the Forrester analyst that went around saying that the Kindle Fire was going to sell 5M units last Xmas, at the expense of the iPad. Sometimes I think MDN has a short memory.

    1. This is the same MDN that has a love/hate thing going with the NY Times.

      If MDN agrees with the Times, all is well.

      If MDN disagrees, they pile mountains of scorn on the Times.

    1. Nice play on words.

      Again, this clown is talking equipment and OS. The iPad market is much more. The iOS device is tied to thousands of apps, a billion dollar server farm (more to follow), great hardware and safe intuitive iOS user interface, compatibility with prior generations, syncing with other iOS and Apple products, iTunes, …

      Consumers are looking for the hole user experience not hardware. Those days are over and built the last century’s computer empires. People want more and Apple has it because Steve Jobs understood what people needed and were not being offered.

  6. It would appear to me that the iPad has more than 73% market share…in all my travels so far I’ve only seen one Android tablet in the wild. Most manufacturers only give shipped numbers…not “sold to end user” numbers.

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