Android Market, Books, Music rebranded ‘Google Play’ to compete with Apple’s iTunes

“Google has rebranded its Android Market mobile software store as Google Play, folding in Google Music and the company’s eBookstore to create a single brand for all of its digital and cloud based content services, similar to Apple’s iTunes,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“The new Google Play umbrella branding deemphasizes Android, highlighting instead Google’s own corporate brand as being a source for content that is playable not just on devices incorporating Android software, but from any web-enabled device,” Dilger reports. “Google Play categorizes its content under Movies, Music, Books and Apps and Games, only the later of which requires an Android device.”

Dilger reports, “The new branding is currently US-centric, as Google Play doesn’t yet support music in the Canada or the UK, doesn’t yet support movies or music in Australia, doesn’t yet support music or books in Japan, and doesn’t currently support anything apart from Android apps in any other country.”

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  1. Google should have invested in a fresh start – the platform is doomed.

    So – Books and Music or whatever is pointless – Andy’s-handy-droids will soon be illegally driven software.

  2. Anyone seeing how many years behind these iKillers are? Why would any semi-informed person buy any Android device? Do people ask them, “What were you thinking?” You really have to hate Apple to waste your money on those things.

    Same things goes for those Amazon devices. I have never read a good review about them other than they were cheep and Amazon looses about $80 on everyone that they ship and that doesn’t account for the ones returned.

    1. Exactly. They are trying to compete with iTunes? Finally?!? It’s only an 11-year-old product. So they’re telling us that they are 11 years behind Apple??

      Add Samsung’s stylus, and that puts them about… what… 7 years behind?

      Sounds like fun ahead (or behind)!

    2. …”Why would any semi-informed person buy any Android device? Do people ask them, “What were you thinking?” You really have to hate Apple to waste your money on those things.”

      Not necessarily. Semi-informed person would likely buy an Android device because they were bamboozled into it (and they likely won’t need others to ask them “what were you thinking?” — they’d be asking it themselves).

      An informed person who buys Android is likely one of following two: he is either an Apple hater (i.e. an idiot), or falls into a very small group that has valid reasons (justifications) for choosing deliberately Android.

      I fall into this second category, because I simply can’t afford exorbitant monthly plans that mainstream carriers in America charge for the privilege of a smartphone. I have $40 per month plan with Virgin Mobile, which gives me unlimited data, plus plenty of minutes and texts (1,200 of each). It runs on a slow Sprint so-called “3G” (can’t say it without laughing) network, and only has colossally crappy Android phones (I use LG Optimus). There is no way to buy an iPhone and put it on Virgin Mobile (CDMA). I’d be willing to compromise and even go with T-Mobile and their pre-paid plans ($30 per month, unlimited data and text, plus 150 minutes of voice), as soon as either iPhone is made to work on T-Mobile’s fast data network (currently only works on GPRS), or T-Mobile modifies their network so that the current iPhones work on it. I’d be happy to spend $550 for a new unlocked, contract-free iPhone 4 (even $650 for 4S), as long as I can connect it to T-Mobile. I just can’t see myself spending in excess of $900 per year (minus the subsidy) on a mobile plan that gives me less than what I get for some $360-480 on Virgin / T-Mob.

      Regrettably, I will have to suffer the Android crap until iPhone comes to T-Mobile.

    3. I have a Droid. Verizon didn’t have the iPhone when I got it and I can’t really complain. It has been a good phone the whole time.

      My next one will be an iPhone and I really want it for icloud integration with my Mac. I’m not leaving android due to any problem I’ve had with my phone or Google.

  3. Surprising they are branding with the “Google” name all over it. If they have to address the product via Apple lawsuits and make it a lesser OS, then they are hitting themselves on the Google name / brand as well.

  4. Is it just me, or does “Google Play” seem a lot like “Google Wave”?

    It’s a vague and fuzzy name which doesn’t actually describe the product. It has “Google” wedged on the front, in much the same way Microsoft keeps pathologically stapling “Windows” to the front of everything they do.

    And, like Google Wave, it’ll probably be quietly phased out in a few years once it’s clear it’s not working. We’ll be able to re-use some old Zune jokes, and talk about how people got “Google PlayedForSure”. 😉

  5. what do you expect from Google?!

    they are the new age of Microsoftian soulless nerds who only invent through acquisition & then cry foul. they lost their mojo since day 1 (1998 Sep 4 with their cool goo engine).

    is it coincidence that Apple’s iPad3 event tomorrow suddenly makes their Eric Schmidt rush to Spain’s WMC to claim Android will be in everyone’s pocket & 24 hours prior to Apple’s even Google rushes to not produce anything new but rehash its god damn chaos of 4-6 sites into Google Play, to seem more cohesive?

    no matter what Google does, they have no plan, no vision, no seamlessness, no glue. they create 1000s of projects in their labs, yet 99% are not profitable. so they buy companies every single week! that’s an admitted fact. that is no sane plan. they can not last too long with this attitude.

    but who expected Google to ever be big long, if they did exactly what Microsoft did for 2 prior decades!?! all these 2 darlings do is adhere to chaos. their business is haphazard. they do not pay attention to the ZeitGeist or Gestalt. they spread fud, bribe journalists. there’s nothing concrete.

    they can only scream about Open Source, but like Adobe’s Flash, it’s not really open, it’s proprietary. it’s fake. and it got them nowhere. take all the freedom you want from open source, but you end up with too many cooks in the kitchen and bad soup. who cares for openness when it’s a waste of time, money, sanity?!

    and who cares if steve jobs was or wasn’t a tyrant?
    did he not solve our problems into smooth, likable, experiences like no other? well then, if he didn’t sacrifice his nerves & sanity to combat the daily nerds, idiots, bureaucrats & scientists who stood in the way of progress, just because things worked for the last 200 years, we would have nada we love today. we’d be back in the stone age, but not realizing it, since steve wouldn’t have given up his health for us. he got cancer from the stress society has given him at every step, all the useless hurdles. imagine if society was open source – what humanity could achieve!!

    we’re still all so infantile, so idiotic, mediocre.
    you’ll see. starting tomorrow, the next round of competitive Apple-product-killers & doomsayers will rise. but just another round of the same old crap.

    to outsmart Apple you need brains.
    no political correctness.

    copying is the best compliment!

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