U.S. Senate Democrat Schumer asks FTC to probe Apple, Google

“A U.S. senator has urged the Federal Trade Commission to investigate reports that applications on the Apple Inc. and Google Inc. mobile systems steal private photos and contacts and post them online without consent,” Sinead Carew reports for Reuters.

“Democrat Charles Schumer’s request comes after iPhone maker Apple tweaked its privacy policies last month after prodding from other lawmakers,” Carew reports. “However, Schumer said on Sunday that he was concerned about a New York Times report that iPhone and Android applications can access a user’s private photo collection.”

Carew reports, “He also referred to a discovery last month that applications on devices such as the iPhone and iPad were able to upload entire address books with names, telephone numbers and email addresses to their own servers.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “GetMeOnTop” for the heads up.]

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    1. Demotards absolutely SUCK and destroy everything, I repeat, EVERYTHING they touch.

      You libtards need to take your heads out of you know where and get a freaking CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Leave Apple Inc. alone, leave me alone, leave all of us alone. Stay the hell out of our lives you power hungry CRETANS!

            1. The real problem is human selfishness, greed and hunger for power. Religion can be a tool for the above as easily as anything else; no more easily, no less.

            2. Here we go again, some RepubliCON using my name again..

              This site was great 5-10 years ago, now it is overrun with mouth breathing Rush disciples.

              God forbid a US senator actually express concern about citizens privacy. You divisive little haters come out foaming at the mouth because he has a D after his name. Never mind that Bush and his cronies advocated torture, warrant-less wiretaps, and are responsible for the joke that is the TSA. Fourth amendment be damned.

              You are so quick to cite the constitution except when you trample and ignore it, love freedom until we talk about women and people for color. So patriotic that you hold the US government hostage and accomplish nothing but division and hate.

            3. Liberals never saw someone else’s dollar that they didn’t want to steal for themselves. And liberal non-truth has hijacked the Patriot Truth’s handle.

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      2. But I’m not from Crete.

        I’m from West London.

        We’ve got some Greek restaurants. And I can get some filfar, which is a Cretan liqueur there – although it’s not an experience I would recommend.

    2. Why did nobody speak up when Windows apps were sending aroud everybody’s contacts and private stuff?
      Now that tablet OSes are trying to sandbox everything, a big fuss is made about a temporary loophole. If anything, the offending app devs should be blamed, as should the thousends of Windows malware writers.

    3. it’s been said that the most dangerous place in the world is the distance between Chuck Schumer and a TV news camera. Ego does not begin to describe him.

      His political affiliation doesn’t matter here. His lust for publicity, truth be damned, does.

    4. From a point of view several thousand miles away I can only shake my head sadly at the insistance of Americans to drag party politics into any sort of discussion. And so vituperative, too. Do you assholes have ANY idea just what a bunch of dimwits you look like from outside?
      But then, Americans don’t give a toss about anything outside their country’s borders, so why should you worry about what the rest of the world thinks of you.

      1. You would know what it’s like to be an asshole, asshole. Go crawl back under your rock in whatever hell hole county you take up space in. Dirt ball.

  1. I am so tired of the feds immediately jumping into the tech realm the instant a rumor gains life. Technologies like the web, companies like Apple & Google, issues of privacy, etc. tend to fix themselves without Big Brother getting involved. Feds just HAVE to get their hands in/on everything. Problem is they generally know little to nothing about tech and their hands leave smudges everywhere. As shown by the knee-jerk reaction here, not allowing a fix to be created and implemented. Go away feds, you’ve got more important things to do, like getting your own shit together before jumping on others. And, really, the feds worried about privacy? If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle…

    1. According to the brain dead, liberal zombies:

      Corporations are evil and bad………….

      Only their brand of government is good…….

      The libtard government is your family and god………

      Turn your family in and destroy family values……….

      Destroy the economy………..

      Destroy jobs…………

      Destroy the constitution…………..

      Liberals basically destroy everything they touch.

      Time to reset this November by voting them all the hell out.

    2. I suppose you’ll use the Wall Street kleptocracy as proof of your theorem that large corporations fix themselves. Large corporations will do anything that is not specifically against the law and they think will make them more money.

      I would posit that Apple sees no benefit in having it possible for customers to have their photos downloaded without their permission and would fix the problem. Google has no such vision. The only fix for the Googles and Wall Streets of the world is regulation and oversight.

  2. Americans are finally waking-up to the fact that the left is strangling our economy and employing soviet-style class warfare for their own gain. Absolutely antithetical to the American ideal. Power hungry zealots that have zero common sense and massive egos.

    1. Based on looking at a photograph?

      Did Joe and his vigilantes actually come up with anything that looked like real evidence that would work in a court of law?

      Of course they didn’t. Because – if they did – the right would be running around the streets whooping’ and a hollering’.

      So – without evidence – they pull the same kind of crap that Bull Connor used to pull in the South back in the Sixties and say there’s probably cause for an investigation to create the illusion of doubt.

      And you’re a fuckwit for believing it.

        1. No disrespect, but that’s possible the most nonsensical comeback that I’ve witnessed in the near decade that I’ve been posting here.

          And that’s up against some fairly stiff competition.

          What does it even mean?

          “It’s more than (I) did”: Of course it’s more than I did. I don’t believe there a massive conspiracy theory, so I’d rather spend my time doing something useful.

          For fuck’s sake, Donald Trump had “top men” assigned to this and all they did was screw him for a vacation in Hawaii and some Mai Tais. We were promised earth-shattering evidence. And we’ve had nothing. Likewise with Joe Arpaio – all sizzle, fuck all in the way of steak.

          If you’re going to distract me from real issues with promises of scandal and intrigue, at least deliver on the promise.

  3. Can anybody look at Chuck U. Schumer without thinking of Ratso Rizzo?

    I mean, get between him and a camera and it’s
    “Hey! I’m talkin’ here, I’m talking’ here…”

    Now listen as he explains how to be a go-between Big Union and Washington

  4. BTW, just as I despise every republican in politics, every conservative blogger and religious fanatical cro-magnon at Fox “news,” I despise my congressman Chuck Schumer, who is a strangely obsessive and ignorant enemy of technology. He’s lost my support, and he’s lot my vote.

  5. Why do these comments degenerate into a political slanging match between Democrats & Republicans. Please keep to the topic and be rational so that the sum total of knowledge is enhanced.

  6. Chuckles Schumer.

    What a worthless excuse for a ‘human being’.

    He is forever trying to inject himself into any controversial subject or issue to make himself look important.

    I remember when he was decrying the price of cereal.

    He needs to just f*cking go away.

    1. Go on. Start an argument. Tell us which sort of pie. And what flavour of ice-cream.

      Someone here will turn it into a mindless Left v. Right argument.

      For the record, I’m Key Lime Pie with Coconut ice cream, or Banoffee with Coffee Ice cream.

  7. Why doesn’t Chucky spend his time wisely and investigate whether the President is violating Constitutional law?
    Waste your time elsewhere Schmucky Chucky.

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