End is nigh for beleaguered RIM as clients upgrade to Apple iPhones and iPads

“According to analysts, Research in Motion will be forced to lower the fees it charges carriers for BlackBerry services this year,” Diallah Haidar writes for Wall St. Cheat Sheet.

“RIM, once the only option for secure mobile connection, has now fallen behind most of its major competitors. The company has failed to counter the threats of companies and governments allowing employees to use their own mobile devices for work,” Haidar writes. “To add to a lack of a growing clientele, many current carriers are disgruntled with BlackBerry service fees.”

Haidar writes, “The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, or ATF, has announced that they will now use iPhones due to better maps, streaming video, and applications on the Apple devices. Many other U.S. agencies have also dropped RIM, including the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration and oilfield services company Halliburton,”

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MacDailyNews Take: Buh-bye, one-trick pony.

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    1. So true. Every time I see someone with a BB I wonder about that person.
      The devices themselves look ludicrous by today’s standards: mostly a keyboard (with teeny keys) below a laughably tiny screen.
      I can’t really imagine using one after being used to an iPhone.

      1. Phones like the torch?
        BB are late to market with touchscreens and with their next generation OS (QNX) but they do have major support in government and military organisations, and quite rightly too. Their systems can be made very secure. The fat lady has not sung yet, but she has been practicing a few scales. Rims next 12 months needs to be faultless.

    2. In all fairness, not everyone needs the functionality of an iPhone and some people just can’t let go of a physical keyboard.

      What I don’t understand, is when someone absolutely refuses to get an iPhone over an Android phone. That makes no sense at all. Even if you’re tied into Google’s services, they are all available on the iPhone – maybe they just don’t understand that?

    1. What do you mean “Skating to where the puck used to be?” RIM is still skating to where the old hockey stadium used to be in Canada. The new stadium is in Cupertino.

    2. It’s because Blackberrys have an honest-to-God keyboard!!!! Nobody wants one of those “virtual” thingys you can’t actually touch. They’re too awkward for anyone to even TRY to type on, let alone actually do any real work. Apple is the company that’s near death – duuuhhhhh! You just wait!

  1. “End is nigh”? I just don’t understand how these writers can keep picking on RiM. Doomed? Don’t they realize that the company just released PlayBook 2.0? It’s said to be a thing of beauty, and is sure to be a hit! Some Android apps run on it now, without workarounds! And ZDNet touts its outstanding value!

      1. No surprise. Everyone and their sister knows a new iPad is coming this week. Why would you buy the old one if you were in the market for a tablet?

        I think it’s safe to say that by this time next week PlayBook 2.0 sales will be measurable on a single hand, and returns will exceed iPad sales for the week covered by this story.

      1. They sold three but had two returned (other guy dropped and broke his on way back to store so no refund) ….. Making net sales 1 NOT 2 ….. Get your facts straight, will ya!

  2. All that’s left now is for Ballmer to launch an aggressive buy out plan. MS-RIMM BB2 PlayTouchBook featuring Windows 8 Cloud Squirt(tm) Technology will then be last model they ever launch.

  3. Does anyone know if there is any BB patent(s) that is worth Apple’s attention & $$ ?

    Don’t forget that Apple bought Nortel’s LTE patents… does it mean that Apple is going to ask ALL Android handset makers including Google to pay licensing fees on LTE… ?

  4. The real fall for RIM will be when contracts with large businesses especially finacial institutions come up for renewal and companies discover they can get a lot more for less by switching. Very few will stay with RIM’s costly server infrastructure.

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