Wow, Sharp sure is ramping up IGZO display production for some reason

Sharp has released their “Consolidated Financial Results for the Third Quarter Fiscal 2011” which contains:

I. Financial Results for the Third Quarter
II. Outline of Main Products and Devices
III. Financial Results Forecast for Fiscal 2011
IV. Dividends
V. Measures to Improve Business Performance

Most of Sharp’s report is about as exciting as a Steve Ballmer keynote address – except for page 14, which contains this:

Sharp Consolidated Financial Results for the Third Quarter Fiscal 2011
Sharp "Consolidated Financial Results for the Third Quarter Fiscal 2011" page 14

Gee, wonder why they’re making all of those IGZO displays? 😉

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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    1. It doesn’t need to indicate the units of the vertical scale, it’s sole point is to show a relative production transition from one to the other. Saying effectively “we will make less of the old ones as we make more of the new ones.”

    2. Notice the line, arrow and “Production capacity”.

      That’s all that is needed.
      It shows the full capacity for that plant is switching over to IGZO very quickly.

    3. It doesn’t need to show the units for the vertical scale. It’s sole reason for being is to show that there is a production transition happening, switching from the old to the new. The units don’t matter to the point they are highlighting.

    4. Well, since it has not a specific set of values, personally, my inclination would be to just go with 0 – 100%.
      WHATEVER the total capacity value is at the beginning, it looks like ~5% was IGZO and the rest a-Si (Amorphous silicon). By the end of the Third Quarter 2012, the transition will be complete, a-Si will be at 0%, IGZO will be 100%.
      But the amount of, (how do they measure it?), say total square meters of panel produced, will be at ~75% of the value from the beginning 3Q 2011.

      I’m sure they are still making money. 🙂

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