Check out Apple’s spectacular new flagship Amsterdam Retail Store

“Late yesterday, we posted a remarkable photo of the glass staircase inside Apple’s new Amsterdam retail store that is set to open to the public on Saturday. Press previews of the new store took place this morning, and a number of sources have now posted photo sets of the interior of the store,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

One More Thing has an extensive gallery showing off the rather ornate interior details Apple has utilized in the historic building,” Slivka reports. “Meanwhile, has some additional shots, including one of the massive Genius Bar that Apple reportedly says is the longest in its chain of retail stores. The Genius Bar had been reported to offer 20 seats for customers, but the photo certainly appears to show significantly more stools than that.”

Slivka reports, “The new store, Apple’s first in the Netherlands, opens to the public at 10:00 AM on Saturday.”

Apple Store Amsterdam (photo : One More Thing)
Apple Store Amsterdam (photo : One More Thing)

Many more photos and links in the full article here.


  1. The “flagship” store in Amsterdam? Heck, it’s the only Apple Store in Amsterdam, or even in the Netherlands so of course it’s the flagship store. There’s a word (flagship) that needs to be put to a quick death for being overused and misused.

    1. “Flagship” refers to a blow-your-mind classy store, as opposed to your run of the mill mall location.

      Then there are those cities that are still cursed with the mini-stores. Yech!

      1. Not really but it appears that that’s the way the word is evolving.

        Flagship used to refer to the best or most important, not just blow-you-mind classy.

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