Rumor Roundup: What to expect from Apple’s next-gen iPad event on March 7th

“Months and months of rampant speculation and conspiracy stories have built up to next week’s event, and no one really knows what Apple has planned, other than a new iPad,” Alex Heath reports for Cult of Mac.

“The Retina display is widely expected to make its way to Apple’s tablet,” Heath reports. “Will it even be called the iPad 3? Will it be offered at a new price point? Let’s take a look at the rumors and examine what we think we know.”

Heath covers rumors, speculation, and possibilities regarding:

• Retina display
• Faster hardware
• Better cameras
• 4G LTE
• Form factor
• Siri
• Pricing and availability
• iOS 5.1
• Apple TV
• 8-inch iPad mini

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “D. King” for the heads up.]


    1. C’mon people you know a newer one is ALWAYS coming that will be better. It’s a matter of need at the time, you can’t hang around waiting forever for the next one. I’ve had my iPad 1 for about a couple years now, it’s been great and gotten TONS of use every day but can’t wait to upgrade having skipped the iPad 2 (even though I really wanted to like you). I think Apple will probably keep selling a 16Gb iPad 2 for $399.

        1. We all expect a new one will arrive someday, but nobody knew when. Not everyone wants to wait upon rumors.

          I think it should be expected that people who made recent purchases will gripe.
          I work in Apple retail. I expect to hear a lot of griping over the next few months. We however take trade ins.
          Sell your iPod now if you can.

  1. This will happen:

    If it does not ship with a Retina display, 4G LTE, Siri, 8-inch size, last 33 hours on battery, dice, chop and puree, then the analysts will lose their minds and declare it a flop and Apple is doomed.

    I can almost guarantee that this will happen.

    Apple could produce a 3D holographic TV projector that turns your coffee table in to a miniature stage. But the analysts would bitch cause it costs $200.

  2. This is what will be introduced with the iPad 3.
    • Retina display
    • Faster hardware (A5x chip, dual core, 1.2Ghz. much faster graphics addition for the Retina Display)
    • Better cameras (8MP, but not the one in iPhone 4S, not as good.)
    • 4G LTE (This one is questionable, I’ll say no, still 3G)
    • Form factor (Of Course a change, maybe no home button)
    • Siri (Duh)
    • Pricing and availability (Same price points, available in one week or immediately)
    • iOS 5.1 (Doesn’t matter)
    • Apple TV (Not sure about this one, don’t think so)
    • 8-inch iPad mini (No way, not gonna happen, will canabalize the 10inch)

  3. One last thing…

    We’ve solved the whole remote control issue for AppleTV. With the same speed as a typical console game controller, you can use your iPad3 or the ‘iController’, you can now play live action games on your AppleTV.

    So, we’re also now opening up AppleTV to developers who can use the iPad and iController to create games for AppleTV. I’d like to invite company ‘X’ to the stage to give a live demo of their first person shooter.

  4. Lets just say; the list of Rumours better be… either side is not shaking in their boots – these developments are seriously in need. Maybe more for Apple. Though fighting the war on Android. Lets hope Apple is pushing forward by focusing as sated – to have some amazing products this year.

    The competition is not all washed up – even though – yes, they pretty much have all failed. Try try and try again.
    Samsung plans for a power house chip come spring, with higher resolutions then the rumoured iPad3

    I guess they listen to Steve’s comment about sandpapering your fingers down of use those 4 and 7 inch tablets. B

    1. In what fantasy world? What ‘powerhouse’ chip would that be? And a higher res screen than what may be appearing on the iPad 3? No chance whatsoever. Apple will have every screen available as their own, no-one else will have a chance at any screen of an equivalent resolution, and no-one makes a higher resolution screen of that size.
      Tell me, Water Lily, is your garbled syntax due to a frog sitting on your face?

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