Why director Andrew Stanton dedicated ‘John Carter’ to Steve Jobs

“‘John Carter’, directed by one of Pixar’s most prolific directors, Andrew Stanton, comes out next week and though it’s not Pixar, the film is dedicated to the memory of the legendary businessman and inventor,” Germain Lussier reports for /Film. “During the credits, a card says: ‘Dedicated to the Memory of Steve Jobs, an Inspiration to Us All.'”

“At a recent press junket, Stanton was asked why he decided to dedicated ‘Carter’ to Jobs and his answer was both logistically [sic] sound and beautifully poignant,” Lussier reports.

Read it here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “The Scarbro” for the heads up.]


  1. I am surprised MDN didn’t make a big deal about Steve’s inclusion (and “stay hungry, stay foolish” audio clip) in Sunday’s Academy Awards “In Memorium” segment. I thought it was great.

  2. “…and it was amazing to see how much he (Jobs) had firewalled us from. Like we knew he had, but he had truly firewalled us and protected us from all the bad influences of the outside world and we had just been raised in this little eden in San Francisco and had no clue how bad it could be.”

    Too bad people keep trying to toss Microsoft snakes into the Mac eden.

  3. I originally thought this would be another low budget rip-off of “Clash of the Titans” starring The Rock, or The Clod, or Arnold, etc. I may have to go see this one. The Led Zeppelin sound track in the trailer was enough to get my attention. Great fit!

      1. I”m aware of this. Just saying most average movie goers are far more familiar with the John Connor in the Terminator movies than a more obscure pre-existing character with nearly the same sounding name.

    1. John Carter novels are the writing of Edgar Rice Burroughs (better known for “Tarzan”), predating John Conner/Teminator by decades. I’ve read them all years ago and they are a lot of fun, if a bit dated. Can’t wait to see Thuvia, John Carter’s Maid of Mars!

      1. I had read many of Burroughs’ novels in the early ’70s, and just recently bought a Kindle and have been happily downloading his stuff for free. Just today I started “Thuvia, Maid of Mars”, the fourth in the “Barsoom” series. The coincidental release of this movie is rather mind-boggeling for me. I can’t wait for the March 9 debut!

      1. Well, the close similarity is true. Not saying they can change it due to it’s pre-existing origin. In 90% of the general public’s mind (most of who don’t read novels or anything else), John Connor came first.

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