Did Apple kill the physical home button on the next-gen iPad? (with photo)

“It seems pretty likely that the invitation to Apple’s iPad 3 event (below) includes a shot of the new model,” Ryan Faas writes for Cult of Mac.

“The display is particularly sharp and smooth – just like the anticipated retina display for the device,” Faas writes.

“The spacing of the icon’s on the iPad 3 pictured on the invite clearly indicate that it’s in portrait orientation rather than landscape,” Faas writes. “But there’s no sign of a home button, a design change that Apple has been allegedly been toying with for some time.”

Apple Special iPad Event: 10am on Wednesday, March 7, 2012, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco
via The Loop

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. … in all four directions. Is Faas saying this is positively the end of the iPad where the button is to be expected? I’m sure we’ll all find out in a little bit.

  2. Actually, based on icon spacing, you can’t surmise which orientation the iPad is being shown in. After all, you can add and remove icons from the iPad’s dock and the spacing between them changes accordingly.

    The home button could be hidden under the model’s hand or cropped out of the photo entirely.

    1. Amazing the number of people that don’t realize that you can add (or delete) up to 6 icons on the iPad’s dock – Yes the photo shows us nothing except some douchbag spouting nonsense.

  3. Apple isn’t stupid enough to include a shot of the new iPad on the invitation.
    They are clever enough to make the invite & picture just ambiguous enough to drive even more column inches. Bloggers, techies & fanboi’s will speculate wildly over this & give Apple even more free publicity. It’s all speculation & we will know for certain on the 7th.

  4. Impossible to draw any conclusion from that photo. I can’t imagine Apple doing so, the physical button is too useful to replace it, a software touch version is too easily operated by mistake, unless it’s resessed, in which case, WTF bother.

  5. Actually…it IS in portrait orientation because the the spaces are just barely less wide than the apps. The hap is MUCH wider in landscape. In fact, I just changed my screen to the bubbles and they match perfectly in portrait.

  6. I think we should whole heartedly debate the orientation of this iPad for the next 8 days calling out all sorts of scientific methods to figure it out…and then Apple can just tell us after the 8 days is up and it won’t matter who was right because nobody will have cared.

    Is Mythbusters available to figure this out?

  7. It’s in portrait mode, but upside down to remove the Home button, which would distract from what their trying to portray in the photo and invite; It’s the screen stupid!!!

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