Inside OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: Screen Sharing adds drag and drop file transfers

“Remote Screen Sharing is enhanced in this summer’s release of OS X Mountain Lion, adding support for drag and drop file transfers between the viewer and the remote desktop and enhancing support for virtual displays,” AppleInsider reports.

“Screen Sharing, a remote access feature Apple first added to OS X 10.5 Leopard to enable viewing or controlling another Mac’s desktop, is gaining a feature from Apple Remote Desktop: the ability to drag files from the local desktop into a remote session,” AppleInsider reports. “After connecting to a remote host, the local user can now drag files to the desktop, or target a specific app, invoking Exposé to, for example, drag an image file to a Pages document, select the window of the desired document, and place the graphic in the document.”

More info and screenshots the full article here.


  1. I love Airdrop in Lion. I’ve used it countless times to transfer files to friends and family. A neat trick is to transfer a song encoded in AAC and a picture of me to a hot chick who’s caught my eye sitting in the next table in Starbucks who’s a fellow Mac user like me. She can listen to the song I gave her and if things don’t work out and I don’t get her number, it’s ok, I’ve made someone happy listening to a song I love.

    I think remote drag and drop in Mountain Lion is going to be huge if you’re offering remote assistance to a family member living miles away and you need to transfer a couple of files to them. Apple has made this as easy as pie which is what I love about the Mac platform.

      1. sweet – wowow – new conceptual ISO app…

        squirt a file over to the next person to you… interesting.
        while the other squints and says hey you shot me in the eye.


    1. “I’ve made someone happy listening to a song I love.”

      Yeah, and once you’ve both declared your undying love for each other, it will be “your song”. Touching.

  2. I like this feature.
    There was mention iMessage can drag drop also…
    is there a middle service to handle these files?
    Screen sharing VIDEO in iCHAT will be missed – so I hope there still is something from the TECHNOLOGY of iCHAT in in 10.8 to justify the changes.

  3. That feature should have been there from day one. With Lion’s many unresolved problems, Apple is clearly showing that they have lost interest in the Mac as a platform. Probably IOS is easier to control and rakes in the money with a lot less hassle for them. Too bad for what has been a fantastic platform for many years. I am very worried for the ability to deliver and run pro apps on the Mac in the long run seeing the direction the MacOS development is taking.

    1. I don’t buy your view point. iOS is perhaps priority but not LOSE interest in MAC… I believe MAC is the tool developers will choice to continue iOS apps and games so the MAC is very strong interest for that alone.

      JUST A CHANGE of priorities and they as a COMPANY are still rather small… wait and be patient BUILDINGAUTOMATOR… ok

      1. there will be a lot of nice things in ML 10.8 – and i will purchase 10.8 and upgrade

        – I believe in APPLE and I enjoy the ecosystem
        – I recommend Apple over Windows and Linux

        and dare i say I have Android and iOS as well as Windows 7 and 10.7.3

        I am more then a FANBOY — I am pro MAc but accept the world does use PC… they have a choice … AS do I.

      2. I also BELIEVE that for many people FINAL CUT PRO 7 should have come to them in some better manner — but FCX is more then many really need and the product will grow and improve – and if you bought it — on APP store I believe you get the UPGRADES free YES… and how long – relax over that – since you still can use your FCpro already… you have choices and if you feel AVID or ADOBE is better FLEE to the DARK SIDE and don’t cry here about it. NO one is saying YOU can not use ILLUSTRATOR 1.1 still on your old machine – FUNNY it still works… so???? whats stopping people DID you buy a new machine and can’t run it now???

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