Apple CEO Tim Cook: Facebook is a ‘friend,’ won’t commit to dividend

“Investors at Thursday’s Apple shareholder meeting had the opportunity to ask the company’s executives about a range of topics, including the prospect of an Apple television set, a stock dividend, and its relationship with Facebook,” AppleInsider reports.

“One shareholder asked Chief Executive Tim Cook whether he views Facebook as a ‘friend’ or a ‘foe.’ Cook responded by calling Facebook a ‘friend,'” AppleInsider reports. “‘We do a lot with them, our users use Facebook an enormous amount,’ he said, adding: ‘I’ve always thought that the two companies could do more together.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]


      1. Facebook sells user’s information, and changed their License agreements without being transparent about it. In 2005 they shared no personal information. Now, anything you post on Facebook is technically their property, and any personal information you put up there is up for sale to advertisers :/

        They are just as evil as google.

        Evil is Evil. It should not be done.

      2. They are potentially worse than Google.

        Read up on what Mark Zuckerberg thinks of privacy. He had spoken his mind quite a bit in college.
        He got smart later in life and does not say as much.

        1. Read what Geddy said below. Google had its sharp treacherous claws everywhere. That’s far far more terrifying than a social web site that wants to sell information that I post on their website to their advertisers.

          There’s no membership fee for Facebook so I should expect them to show me ads. That’s not evil.

          Google wants to track me everywhere I go, everything I see, everything I buy, they are thrives and spies and comparing them to a social network is disingenuous at best.

  1. no one really mentions it, but FB could easily fall out of favor when the next better more desirable social network comes to be. With their IPO, they are going to become beholden to the shareholders, and their user base is already fickle about their profit making methods due to the fact they are usually shady and self serving while alienating everyone’s sense of privacy..

  2. I just wish there would be a way to remove everything Facebook related from the system. I don’t have a FB account, nor do I wish to be reminded of it when I use, say, iTunes.

  3. People have to much up on fb, its going to take a very long time if ever to replace them. What i can see happen though is for people to use twitter more and more and get tired of fb. Its happening with me

  4. ” a billion users”???? Perhaps that many names have signed up;: less the duplicates; less the fictional names created for cheating; less the underage; less the folks who tried it and can’t stand fb’s ‘privacy’ policies; less the people who aren’t into personal ‘branding’; less the people who spend time with their real friends. What is fb left with? Corporate marketeers and underage children. Fb and Apple aren’t even in the same universe when it comes to values.

  5. The answer to the privacy thing in Fb is simple, but none of you whining about it seem to understand: don’t put anything there that could be an issue. I have no personal info on Fb, and nor does most of my close friends. Apart from bands and musicians, pretty much every person who is my ‘friend’ is actually someone I know, but they are spread all over the UK, and it’s by far the best way for us to keep in touch. Anyone who thinks Twitter is a replacement is deranged, the character limit renders it hopelessly impractical for proper conversations. Something the basement dwellers on here have no comprehension of. Most posts here are ill-spelt and monosyllabic, about what I’d expect, really.

    1. Of course, Sturgeon’s Law applies, but do not let that deter you from continuing your valuable and entertaining contributions here. The bazaar ever swarms with the salt of the earth.

    1. Facebook has a much better chance of being a long term friend of Apple than Google ever was or could be. Let’s not forget Facebook has never snubbed or betrayed Apple or the Mac, the same cannot be said for sCroogle.

  6. FACEBOOK TWEEDER FREINDSTER and most social networks have some reason to be — but IMO – they are slimy and a waste of time. SHAMELESS – SELF PROMOTING – BOASTFUL BS.

  7. If fb would prevent people or kids from creating pages targeted at other people or kids for the sole purpose of bullying, resulting in suicides; then maybe i would consider them a friend. Until then fb can f o!

    1. Yeah, makes sense. Facebook has a responsibility for what people post, and should do something. It shouldn’t stop there though. We should restrict the internet in general as well – I wouldn’t want someone to put up a hateful website page elsewhere on the internet targeted at other people or kids for the sole purpose of bullying. We need more oversight. Parents don’t have time to actually parent their bully kids and know what they are doing online.

      I think all phone calls should be screened too. Maybe put them on a delay so that bad things said could be filtered out. That system is ripe for abuse.

      Oh, and notes left on or stuck in lockers too.

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