Al Gore accused of abusing his Apple Board of Directors position for personal gain (with video)

Tom Borelli, National Center for Public Policy director and Apple shareholder, discusses why he is accusing Al Gore of violating Apple’s trade policies, and why he is bringing this up at the company’s shareholder meeting:

What we know is Al Gore has huge investments in renewable energy. We also know that you need legislation, “Cap and Trade” or mandates, for those investments to get a profit. And then magically, all of a sudden during the big climate debate, Apple dropped its membership in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce was leading the attack to block “Cap and Trade.” So we think Al Gore somehow was involved with the company dropping its membership. – Tom Borelli

Apple Inc.’s Statement in Opposition to Proposal No. 4 reads in part:

The Company is committed to transparent corporate governance practices and to policies that promote the accountability of its Board. The Company does not believe that the report advocated in Proposal No. 4 is either a necessary or a useful undertaking to foster transparency or accountability at the Board level. The Company already has a robust set of policies and procedures in place to identify and address conflicts of interest by its directors, and the intent of the proposal is already substantially implemented.

Apple’s annual meeting of shareholders is scheduled for February 23, 2012.

Full article here.

Apple’s 2012 Proxy, including Proposal No. 4, Shareholder Proposal Entitled “Conflict of Interest Report” and Apple’s response, can be found in its entirety (.pdf) here

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    1. Pure conjecture. It’s FUD against Al Gore and Apple get’s a sucker punch.

      Oh, if we can’t burn coal, we can’t maintain manufacturing jobs. No we can’t maintain manufacturing jobs, because we can’t afford to pay wages while charging bottom dollar for manufactured goods.

      While we fight to keep inflation down, and not pollute our air, corporate logic dictates that we must ship key jobs out of the country and hopefully our work force will rise to think smarter and work on loftier gains for humanity.

      Why is it that people insist we continue to make things, when we are moving into the information age where we produce knowledge? What about the space age?

      I know it’s only been one century, but common we have to get warp drive ready before the Borg arrive.

      Al Gore is key to this. He helped invent the Internet.

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              I guess it Doesn’t matter
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        1. Vote tally to the left says it all. Lemming marxists have no idea how small their numbers are. They are so used to be brain washed they are completely out of touch. Same results against Obama coming up this November. You freaks better prepare yourselves.

    2. Just look at the poll on the left. People are waking up to algore’s slimy tactics to enrich himself from uncontrollable sunspots. They want him off Apple BoD.

          1. Al Gore should be tarred and feathered. Why anyone would want his stain on the Apple brand is beyond me. He is about nothing but money and has proven that if you take the money away, especially in the form of Cap and Trade (Tax), then AL GORE goes away. Cannot believe this guy gets to coast on all that money. TIPPER KNOWS.. Global warming is a hoax, and even if slightly true, Alarmists cannot prove they have a “Solution” or if even GW is BAD? There is a special place reserved in hell for big AL. Scumbag. I’m sure his “FEW” appearances yielded huge innovation. right. Nobody disgusts me more than AL GORE. Follow the Money.
            for the truth. I’m all for clean, renewable energy. That is NOT what Al Gore wants. He wants Cap and Trade to make HIM money. that is it. IN the future, Oil will be used up anyway. 100 / 200 years. so GW will not happen or turn into what they are talking about. Greens don’t understand simply economics.
            Solar Panels cost money and USE OIL to make and you could never make enough to cover a desert. Nuclear is fine with me, but there is NOT ENOUGH usable nuclear material, uranium, etc to replace oil.
            youtube PEAKOIL… and greens think that electricity comes from the wall socket. This is about AL GORE, and he should be in Jail.

            1. John, what have you ever done. Your post is abusive, non constructive, opinionated vitriol. As a non American I can only lament the lack of intelligent thought evident in your post and posts by persons of your ilk.

  1. Al Gore is a swindler, peddling a fraud on America, in the form of the Great Global Warming Hoax.

    Even liberal Germany has figured out that “Green Energy” is an expensive Utopian dream.

            1. Sorry Nancy, but ignorance has never passed for knowledge. Enjoy your bliss and the subsequent consequences of ignorant choices. ‘Freedom haters’ is a hilarious phrase coming from the historical source of fascism. My goodness me. 😯

    1. Huh? Where’d you get that? Renewable energy has gotten so big now that they cut the subsidies. We’re phasing out the nuclear plants by 2025; new coal plants are being cancelled. Yet, during the recent cold spell we exported electricity to our neighbours. Get your head out of your rectum!


        Seems Der Siegel has its head up its rectum! Or do you? The push to green energy is misguided on soooo many levels. Let see, huge government subsidies, with key players still going broke (EnerOne, Solyndra, SolPower) – which seems to imply the technology just can’t compete. I understand these subsidies approach nearly 30% at each phase – consumption, construction, research, etc and the businesses still go broke. Then there’s the challenge of dumping non-predictable power on to the grid. Since you can’t predict when winds will blow, you have to keep coal powered generation on line to (warm spin) to ensure you can quickly fill power shortfalls. Remember, all power must be consumed within milli-seconds of being produced or else bad things happen to people’s computers and home appliances. Then there’s the cost of maintenance and replacement costs, which again are much higher (and have a larger environmental footprint) than hydro or coal. Oh how about the environmental impact of wind – noise, bird kill and visual clutter. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for alternative energy, but only when it makes economic sense to do so and we aren’t there yet. To prove this point, just review the US Air Force Academy’s solar array. It cost $18.5M to install and generates $500K per year in savings. When including the 30% subsidy the payback is nearly 40 years, without factoring in the subsidy the payback is infinite (the replacement cost exceed the savings). So whose got their head up their rectum? Do things because they make strong economic sense and not because you are beholden to either a political or emotional position.

      2. Welcome to America Freund!
        We are the most propagandized population in the planet. When the polar ice caps are gone, Many here in the USA will still deny the scientific evidence and believe fictitious narratives foisted upon them by ruthless power and wealth mongers.

      3. Yah. right. Your sentence structure clearly indicates that you are not “A German”. Too many apostrophe’d words. you could be from the UK, but definitely not Deutschland. Sorry – no creds for you!

    2. “Great Global Warming Hoax”… What I know, is that it is raining in january and february now up here in Canada, when it used to be minus 30; I’m fifty and can assure you that it is not “normal”
      or usual. Of course, if you are living in Miami it can be less obvious and noticeable…
      It reminds me of the scene where the cursed island was sinking in “Eric The Vicking.” ; with water up to their troaths, peoples were still arguing that nothing was happening…

        1. So it’s happening, but we have no role in the solution?

          What are we supposed to do then?

          Learn to swim? Oh wait… even that’d be a solution… I guess we’ll just keep our heads up our asses, and drown/cook/starve in place

          1. Typical response … MAN can fix anything … as long as we care enough!

            And learning to swim is not a solution to Global Warming, merely and adaptation to its aftermath.

            “How long can you tread water?”
            – Bill Cosby in “Noah’s Ark”

    3. Gary, you have a highly limited view of things. You demonstrate no basis for your assertion that ‘“Green Energy” is an expensive Utopian dream.’

      Fossil fuels are quite expensive as well if you take into account the existing infrastructure and the hidden costs, including the wars in the Middle East and the unrest and aggression in other areas, such as Venezuela.

      We have to start somewhere with energy diversification. Alternative energy is becoming increasingly competitive and technological advancements combined with economies of scale will make it even more attractive.

      As far as your other assertion (opinion) goes, the ‘Great Global Warming Hoax,’ I seriously doubt that you have the scientific background or credible evidence to back that claim. In fact, I know that you don’t because it is impossible to absolutely refute the scientific theory and evidence behind human-induced global climate change. You can argue the degree to which it will affect the climate and environment, but you cannot say with any credibility that it doesn’t exist at even a modest level.

      Denial is not fact. Wishing is not having.

      1. If alternative energy has even a 1% probability of succeeding why don’t you cover the whole of the fucking Sahara desert with solar panels then. Cheap free energy right? Wrong. It’s muddle headed libtards like you that get the energy equation ass backwards. There’s no commercially proven solar source that produces energy cheaper than fossil fuel sources.

  2. (Sigh.) OK, let’s see who this Tom Borelli is, shall we?

    “Borelli, for his part, has spent the past five years as a shareholder activist, buying small quantities of stock for the explicit purpose of making a fuss at shareholders meetings, mostly over companies’ efforts to curb global warming, which he argues “isn’t out of line with normal cycles in the environment.” Other Borelli targets have included General Electric, PG&E, Dow Chemical, Caterpillar, and John Deere.

    “Borelli’s former role as a tobacco scientist at Phillip Morris makes him somewhat of a pioneer in the field of corporate-sponsored denial. As PM’s director of corporate scientific affairs during the 1990s, he worked to discredit studies indicating that secondhand smoke was unhealthy—a fact you won’t find in his online bio.

    “In 2005, with global warming gaining political currency, Borelli hooked up with Steve Milloy, a well-known climate-change denier, Fox News commentator, and founder of … These days, Borelli is a senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research, a minor DC think tank best known for its ties to disgraced lobbyist and former board member Jack Abramoff.” MotherJones

    I think that says it all.

      1. Missed the MotherJones at the end, buried at the end of the last paragraph. I guess I was skimming along too fast.

        A link always give your argument credibility, regardless of your position, conservative or liberal. Yes, we can search for more info, but it is a courtesy to you readers to provide.

        Courtesy is something that is in too short supply here.

    1. It more than says it all.

      Sure more people on this board own more shares than Birelli.

      He’s got a hostile agenda.

      All gore was Steve’s choice.

      Apple is ours. Borreli go find a life worth talking about.

    1. He’s a Biostitutue that used to be employed by Tobacco to tell you the research concerning Smoking & Cancer was a hoax. Otherwise a typical Republican businessman.

    1. Here is a perfect example of Spin, even though it quotes this “someone who prefers documented facts”

      Listen up, did you even read the story……

      They are making accusations without proof, Got it as they state ” WE THINK GORE HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT ”

      Idiots are those who think everything the read and here is truth on the Internet, also they have an agenda to spin a non story into a real one, without fact or truth. It’s to easy to accuse, pointing fingers without facts to back up up just shows how many idiots have a problem with comprehension.

      1. I lOve it when right-wing nut jobs and left wing nut jobs argue … It’s quite High Theatre!

        And what the Hell is wrong the hugging the gay baby whales? I do it whenever I’m clubbing baby seals!

    2. Mentioning a belief in god kind of undercuts the whole “prefers documentable facts and measurable outcomes part” though don’t you think? If you don’t see the irony in that, you just might be a right-wing nutjob. 😉

      If you are going to embrace faith-based rather facts based approach don’t be such a wuss about it. Admit that you believe insane things, and don’t need or respect evidence as much as you do in having faith. And you have faith that global warming is a myth, just like the subject of this article.

    3. Right-wing nutjob= someone who prefers documentable facts and measurable outcomes to hugging the gay baby whales. May also believe in the Judeo-Christian God.

      I read this, then considered the real world, AND LAUGHED MY ASS OFF!

      Yes world, there are Americans this stooopid. Yes, they explain a hell of a lot about the state of the US political system. Yes, laughing at them is a lot more fun than crying over them.

  3. Just another B.S story of total FUD.

    He can accuse Gore all he wants, but this guys track record dosnt hold water, Another off the deep end Right wing Nut Job.

    And without SOLID PROOF any fool can make an accusation, just another non story to have Apples name attached to it.

    Anyone can spin anything to make it something it is not.

  4. This is just one more example of MDN’s hypocritical efforts at hit-whoring–a practice they regularly condemn in others. Their anti-Obama, anti-democrat, anti-progressive, right-leaning orientation unfortunately degrades the worth and quality of this blog and waters down their effectiveness as a proudly pro-Apple websites.

    MDN – please stick to what you do well – present Apple-oriented news items and cutout the oblique news items which only expose your right-leaning political agenda.

    1. The specific accusations may be garbage, but overall Al Gore has made a living on global warming for quite a while. He has known interests in companies designed to profit from global warming fears, and he has used his celebrity as a former VP to promote those fears. He’s got the morals of a side-show barker working for tips.

      1. …overall Noah has made a living on global flooding for quite a while. He has known interests in building an arc designed to profit from global flooding fears, and he has used his celebrity to promote those fears. He’s got the morals of a side-show barker working for tips.

      2. If you believe that global warming is occurring and that it’s effects can be lessened by using alternative energy sources then it probably makes more sense to invest in clean energy companies than in strip mining companies. He’s just willing to put his money behind his beliefs. Maybe you can make money and leave the world a better place. Seems similar to ….

        1. It works this way: if you warn of global warming, and put your money where your mouth is by investing in clean energy companies, you are a dishonest marxist scumbag. But if you have your money in dirty fossil fuel companies, and put your mouth where your money is by loudly repeating the oil-company-funded claims that global warming is a hoax, then you are a paragon of virtue and scientific integrity.

  5. Scrapin’ the bottom much, MDN? National Center for Pubic Policy is a CONSERVATIVE “think tank” (which featured Jack Abramoff as board member at one point, so they’re just overflowing with integrity) – of course they’re going to be pushing any kind of Al Gore witch hunt they can dream up. Yes, it’s pathetic and sad, but it’s what these people do.

    1. The worst if you’re a democrat lemming who can’t handle the truth when it’s laid out right before your eyes. Your years of brainwashing in the public school systems, marxist controlled news outlets, and Hollyweird has seriously messed up your statist drone minds.

  6. The US CoC spent most of the last decade lobbying US companies to move manufacturing overseas. Now, they are using the unemployment boom to advise US companies to reduce employee benefits & salaries as a way to increase profits.
    In my opinion, local CoC’s across the country should withdraw membership in the national organization, which is actively working against the interests of small businesses. I guess that makes me -according to some knee-jerk Republicans- a liberal now.

          1. Yep. BLN’s, aka ‘Stockboy’, act was old the instant he made his first post.

            Even I, a member of the porcine family, has more intelligence and manners than he.

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