iPhone 4 attenuation lawsuit settled: Original iPhone 4 buyers can get $15 or new bumper case

“A settlement has been reached in a class-action lawsuit targeting the antenna performance of Apple’s iPhone 4,” Josh Lowensohn reports for CNET.

“As part of a preliminary approval made [Friday] afternoon, U.S. residents who bought Apple’s iPhone 4 will be entitled to $15 in cash or a bumper case provided by Apple,” Lowensohn reports.

Lowensohn reports, “The settlement has its own Web site, www.iPhone4Settlement.com, which will be up in the coming weeks (the site doesn’t go anywhere right now). There, customers will be able to get information about the settlement and how to make a claim.”

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  1. The free bumper I got with my iPhone 4 is still in perfect shape despite a couple of falls. Am I still entitled to an additional $15 having already gotten a free case when I bought it? Not trying to be greedy, just curious.

    1. The iPhone 4 is still being sold as new, and will probably be around next year too. So my question is… if I bought an iPhone 4 today (or next month), do I become part of the “class”?

    1. add a “few” 0’s behind the $15.

      I have a bumper I got from apple, I really didn’t need it..

      Question is if apple sends an email out telling us we get our choice… How many of us will?
      As far as I’m concerned apple gave me the bumper already, I still have but I never really used it.

  2. I wish I had the funds that I could sue, on behalf of AAPL shareholders, these ambulance chasers for bringing frivolous suits, unfair distribution of the proceeds (plaintiffs get a cover, the attorneys get millions), and the costs to Apple to defend.

  3. Well, I got a free Belkin clear plastic case with my iP4 here in the UK 18 months ago, along with everyone else. I had no signal issues, because I was with O2, not AT&T, but it saved me forking out cash for something I would have bought just to protect a valuable piece of equipment. I really can’t imagine that this is going to make much difference now, after all this time. Fuck the ambulance chasers and the lawyers; this compensation culture crap all started in the US, it’s about time it was brought under control.

    1. You could have said that you “don’t respect the ambulance chasers and lawyers; this unwanted compensation culture all started in the US.” but instead, you show your lack of respect for others by exposing us to gutter language. You can do better.

  4. I’d like to hear at least one Presidential candidate, or the President, discuss legal reform that would make it easier for businesses to function rationally in the US without being scammed by lawyers constantly. What does Apple have to do? Seriously, they already addressed this issue in a fair and easy-to-use way.

    1. Rick Perry talked during his short-lived campaign about such legal reform (including that involving medical malpractice) he passed in Texas. Not that it mattered much given his obvious shortcomings.

  5. Wasn’t this class action suit brought forward on behalf of the people who refused the bumper cases originally? If so, then the settlement terms are actually a bit hilarious. (Well, if not for all the wasted money Apple had to spend defending themselves from this litigation – as usual, the only winners here are the lawyers involved.)

    1. explain, and show pics of it.
      the bumper is soft PLASTIC where it touches the metal.
      last time I checked, metal is harder than plastic.

      quit your lies.
      if your metal edge on your iPhone 4 is scratched, you did it not the bumper.

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