Growl creator responds to OS X Mountain Lion’s Notification Center

Ryan Heise reports for The Verge, “When we spoke with Growl Creator Christopher Forsythe for 5 Minutes on The Verge, he had this to say about the state of desktop notification systems: ‘I’m sure that in the next 2-3 years we’ll see it all translated back to the desktop from the mobile devices. I’m sure it won’t be as cool as Growl, but it’ll be interesting.'”

“Well, it looks like his timing was a bit off, as Apple added iOS’ Notification Center to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. In our preview, we noted the parallels it had to Growl, and it seems Forsythe did too, as he took the time to respond to Notification Center on his company’s blog,” Heise reports. “The long and short of it: he isn’t that concerned.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I love Growl for the three apps it supports. Can’t wait for Apples implementation so all my apps can notify me instead of the limited few of Growl.
    I’d be very concerned if I were him.

  2. Well, as I understand it, Notification Center in 10.8 is for Mac App Store apps only. That leaves a nice niche for Growl to occupy. And is there any reason an app in the MAS couldn’t also support Growl?

  3. I dont think growl will be replaced by the notification center, growl still does things that I dont see notification center doing.

    iTunes next song… Will notification center pop up and tell me the new song that is playing?

    1. I have Growl disabled because the popups are so annoying. I welcome 10.8’s notification center where I can “slide” the screen to see them, but I don’t need to have them popping up on my screen every 10 seconds to interrupt me.

      1. maybe you need to adjust the growl settings..
        sounds like you have growl announcing everything your mac does. you do know you can tell growl to only show the popups for a few seconds, and have it placed in a certain area right?..

        if you are “interrupted” with growl popups.. the apple Notifications will do so as well.

        HG Wells below is right, you can configure growl to growl less. and configure each app to growl differently.

  4. There are too many fanboys here, but coming from someone who doesn’t have blinders on, I can say Growl is awesome and I have used it for years. I love it. And I paid for it because I want to support the development. There are several beautiful styles available and several configuration options that Apple will not implement in Mountain Lion’s notification center, or any future versions of OS X. With Growl you can customize different styles for different apps; another great way to distinguish which apps are sending you notifications. The new history feature is also very nice. I’m sure Apple’s will be nice, and it will serve the needs of many Mac users, but just because you don’t use alternatives doesn’t diminish their value or quality. I wish the Growl team good luck.

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