Oppenheimer ups Apple price target, raises iPhone and iPad estimates

“Oppenheimer & Co.’s Ittai Kidron this morning reiterates an Outperform rating on shares of Apple (AAPL), while raising his price target to $570 from $510 after raising his estimates for both the iPhone and the iPad this quarter,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“Fiscal Q2 sales of the iPhone may total 31 million, units, up from his 29 million estimate previously, he writes, while the iPad may end up at 11 million versus his prior 10 million-unit projection,” Ray reports.The iPad sales likely slowed this quarter awaiting what appears to be a March 7th unveiling of the next iPad, writes Kidron.”

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  1. Best be patient. Being a fanboy and talking about investing is one thing. Actually investing your own real money like an adult is quite another. 570 is a long way from 505. You do remember Wednesday right? You would if you were invested. I’m long AAPL and find the prospect of reaching 570 an attainable goal but I’m also thinking as an adult and an investor. Fanboy rants are not only silly but worthless to all but those living in their parents basement.

    1. Dumped 50,000 shares of F yesterday to buy AAPL @ $502.39. I don’t live in a basement. Apple is an INVESTMENT! I’m not some hedge fund manipulative Schmuck spreading FUD! Oh by the way it only adds to the 820 shares of AAPL that was acquired 5 years ago… You do the math over the Weekend. Have a Grateful Day.

      1. I only wish I were a hedge fund schmuck. I’d have more money. Spreading FUD? Hardly dopey. As far your claims about your investments, I would say you’re a liar. only a fool would claim to own that many shares and held for 5 years. Anyone who really invests knows that you only make money when you actually sell the equity. In 5 years you could have taken profit and bought back in a million times. Look at the chart! So no dopey, you don’t own all that AAPL. You’re a bullshitter. And not a very good one. And thanks, I am having a wonderful day. Maybe mom will bring some lunch down to you later if you clean up the basement a little?

        1. I must be a fool too then. I got mine in 2005 and have only added to it since then (more than 820 btw). Not sold one share, and don’t plan to for several more years. I’ve tried the trick of taking “profit” and buying back in before, and it’s all luck. Buying AAPL and holding it eliminates the luck. The bad luck. 🙂

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