As Apple looks elsewhere, Samsung ponders spin off struggling LCD business

“Samsung is said to be pondering a potential spin-off of its money-losing LCD business, which has in the past supplied display panels to Apple for devices like the iPhone and iPad,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“The potential move comes as Samsung’s display panel business lost $669 million last year, according to the Financial Times,” Marsal reports. “By spinning off its LCD business, the new operation could focus more on building OLED panels, and could also find it easier to sell displays to companies that are competitors of Samsung.”

Marsal reports, “Wednesday’s report noted that Apple and other rivals have been reluctant to buy LCDs from Samsung, as Samsung also competes with those companies by building its own smartphones and tablets. It noted that Apple has largely relied on Samsung competitor LG for iPhone and iPad displays.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The more pain brought to bear on slavish copier Samsung, the better.


    1. Yes, they will still own it as Samsung is a family owned business and is private. Just in case you forgot:

      Boycott Samsung consumer products and teach the copyists a lesson about IP theft and unethical business practices.

    1. On behalf of myself and other frequent posters on MDN, let me thank you for your contributions to our community. Might I suggest you also check out other Apple related blogs. This one might not be up to your caliber.

    1. Apple sold 4.25 million units of hat “crippled $99 box” in the last 5 quarters. That works out to an average of 850,000 per quarter. It’s also–by far–the best selling media streamer box on the market.

    2. I just have to believe that this guy is trying to be a Zune Tang… Zune Tang…… where are you when we need you to teach the new ones to have some irony in their post and not just trollism. Its such a sharp edge.

      Just a thought.

  1. I bet lots of companies are looking at how Samsung treats apple.

    “if they can copy Apple’s IP when manufacturing for them and Apple has gazillions of $$$ to fight what are they going to do our IP , better look somewhere else… ”

    screwing your customers isn’t the best advertisments.

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