Apple has hedge fund managers scrambling to buy stock

“Apple which recently hit $500 a share for the first time, is growing in popularity with hedge fund managers, reflecting the consumer tech giant’s upward trajectory,” Olivia Oran reports for MarketWatch.

“Star hedge fund managers such as David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital and Steven Cohen of SAC Capital Advisors increased their stakes in Apple, according to 13F filings for the period ending Dec.31, 2011,” Oran reports. “The iPhone maker, which recently reported stellar first-quarter results, is expected to continue its product momentum in 2012.”

Full article, with a roundup of high profile hedge funds who added to–or decreased–their stakes in Apple at the end of 2011, here.


    1. “Soros lowered his holdings in Apple by more than 222,000 shares to 95,000 for the quarter ended on Dec. 31, from the quarter ended Sept. 30. The stake is now valued at $38.5 million”

      Betcha he’s kickin’ himself for making that stupid move…

        1. LOL yeah, a guy who is worth over 20 billion dollars is kicking himself because he missed out on 26 million.

          Thats like saying the fry guy at McDonalds is upset because he lost a nickel.

          And yes, a guy worth $20 billion is clearly ‘stupid’.

  1. Why do I have this vision in my mind of village idiots all suddenly stumbling toward a bright light in the distance they hadn’t noticed was there for over TWO YEARS.

    Apparently it takes a sledge hammer on the head to wake up certain stock ‘ANALysts’. Sheesh. ‘Oh look. Apple’s the #1 valued company in the world! Maybe we should buy their stock of a change.’ 😯

    1. if you’d bothered to look at the article you’d have noticed that for the most part the report is about large holders of AAPL adding more. Form an opinion without facts much?

    1. First off an efficient market is a contribution to society, and quantitative abalysis finds inefficiencies and eliminates them.

      Secondly other people are not your property, put here to make your life better.

      The reason things aren’t much better and the cause of almost all suffering in the world is peoPle like yourself who not only add nothing of value but destroy a great deal of value created by others.

      1. Engineer, you know nothing about my contributions, (or lack of them) to my fellow man. I worked from 15 years old until recently and we’ll see later what people think of any legacy of mine.
        My life was made better by emigrating to the USA and working hard to better myself. I fought unions all my life and paid my employees top wages, if they were worth it. The market, like most things, was a good idea; but it’s become a farce with media manipulation and computer trading.

        About value created by others – what did you create that was worth a toss?

        1. I’m guessing he’s no engineer… and i completely agree with the quants leeching of wealth from our system without earning it… imagine a casino that would allow any gambler with a nifty analytical program and access to all their data to come sit at their tables… and not even have to manually make a decision to suck money out of the place…. not gonna happen… ever. So, why should the financial markets be any different? Maybe because it isn’t the “establishment” that’s getting screwed, but instead it’s the rest of the investors, mostly smaller ones getting the shaft.

  2. My guess is imbecile advisors/fund managers, who for years have told their clients Apple wasn’t worth buying because of android and samsung and bla bla bla while stuck in their RIM/Windows hell, are having to answer to clients who wonder why the hell they don’t hold any Apple stock. The clients increasingly own Apple products and love them, their kids the same. I wonder how many of them dare to short. The herd mentality of the finance sector finally working for apple.

  3. I really think the stock has shot up so fast, not because the fund managers suddenly realize what they’ve been missing, but because they know something we don’t. Like they know the details of what Apple is planning to do with 10 giga-dollars and AAPL.

    1. imho they are four things …

      1. Low p/e.

      2. Excellent management, margin, moat and pipeline.

      3. Price per share growth that has a .9 correlation to growth of cash pile.

      4. Improving EU outlook.

  4. It is so sweet to hear that those hedge funds and all the pension plans that used to invest heavily in MSFT (whose stock value has remained flat like a parking lot ever since Ballmer took over the helm, except for a one year dip starting Oct 2008), and may have been the cause of quite a number of retiring people to lose their homes, now are banking on AAPL, against which they used to speculate.

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