JP Morgan: Windows PC ‘ultrabooks’ just Apple MacBook Air wannabes

Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s, “J.P. Morgan hardware analyst Mark Moskowitz, who is hosting a conference call regarding ‘ultrabook’ laptops this morning, offers up a summary on his thoughts about the new style of device, which he largely views with a shrug.”

Ray reports, “To Moskowitz, the machines are little more than a rip-off of Apple’s (AAPL) successful ‘MacBook Air’ laptops: ‘Ultrabooks are not new but just a sign that the Wintel crowd is catching up with Apple. Despite increasing vendor and media focus on Ultrabooks, we do not expect the overall PC market’s growth profile to exhibit much incremental uplift as a result.'”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. They just don’t get it. It’s that POS windows OS you’re bound to that keeps you from selling any pc’s. Well maybe they do get it but can’t do anything about it except hope windows 8 is the best OS X clone yet. Win 8, LOL maybe it’ll be about by xmas.

    1. Yes the only problem with PC’s, laptops, tablets, Ultrabooks, etc. has always been the weakest link – the POS operating system Windows. You can copy all you like but unless you copy OSX exactly fogeddaboudit!

  2. Windows 7 is useable. It’s not OS X but it’s useable.

    Some users, longtime users, of OS X would prefer Windows 7 to Lion. Especially if Windows 7 was running on a MacBook Air.

    People don’t like drastic change and Windows 7 is closer to Leopard/Snow Leopard than Lion is.

    In my experience, anyway. I only use Windows 7 for one very expensive niche program that will never have a Mac equivalent.

    1. In my experience repairing computer systems, I tend to work on Windows 7 systems alot (hint! hint!). Windows 7 is the majority of computer systems that tend to need fixing.

      Trust me, rather than someone who uses Windows 7 for a particular app… Unless you love making sure you have antivirus software and anti-malware software up to date on your Windows system (and praying that will work), I’d stick to the Mac.

      Nothing beats Mac OS X.

      Windows 7 may seem pretty, but it’s a sorry piece of shit. I have people calling me to fix them all the time.

      (BTW… saying that Windows 7 is closer to Leopard/Snow leopard than Mac OS X Lion. What the fuck? Why did you say that? Really? lol! That’s such bullshit.)

    2. B.S.

      I run Snow Leopard, Lion, and Windows 7. While Lion has it’s quirks compared to SL, it is nothing like MS still upside-down and backward implementation of the GUI. While better than its predecessors, MS still has a way to go.

  3. I’m a windows 8 beta tester, and I really see it worse in respect to its “easy to use”, looks like they wanted to do the “Lion” style to get ti close to the tablet system, but it is really a mess right now.
    They just released the Kinet support for PC. I’m guessing it is going to be a little more easy with this new interface. But at the end, it is just a windows Vista… Windows 7 with the Metro interface.

  4. What’s going to put a nail in the coffin of the OtherAirs is Windows 8. The new ‘Metro’ GUI is ugly, horrific and is going to inspire potential customers to scream with resentment. Just watch! It’s going to be a fun year for Microsoft… :mrgreen:

  5. They can make their “ultrabooks” as sleek as they want, and slavishly copy MacBook Air. But they will still run Windows, and provide the same user experience as any cheap-ass PC.

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